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William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts celebrates Crystal Anniversary

IMG_3575April 2, saw the William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts celebrate its Crystal Anniversary.
The All Siant’s Church Parish Hall was filled to the brim with excited parents and well wishers of the Academy. As the Academy always prides itself on time, the evening programme of Music and Theatre started on the dot of 4 pm.
Dr. Ashley Williams said that Music has not language, only emotion that is capable of connecting various minds. Music is that crystal we all need in our lives. This marks a big milestone in our Symphonic journey, 15 years of creating and spreading the melodies of music, theatre and dance education in our city.
What started off from a humble beginning, today the William Joseph International Academy boasts of being one of the premier performing arts institution in our county.
The evening’s concert started with the little children playing the piano the youngest being all of 2 years.
This was followed by the brilliant performances of the Theatre department.
Illaquin is considered a child prodigy and he performed on the flute, trumpet, piano and with the violin ensemble. He also performed one of his compositions for Trumpet and Piano which was greatly appreciated by the audience.
The Student Orchestra of the Academy then performed 3 Waltz’s which got the audience foot tapping and wanting more.
Then came the Academy’s Classical guitar ensemble with its brilliant performance.
The evening ended with the Director Dr. Ashley Williams taking the stage on the electric guitar for a Rock Fusion mix, this took us through a journey depicting life and its many variations .
Dr. Ashley Williams had always felt the need to honor The BEST MUSIC TEACHER in our city.
Music teachers were researched based upon their work experience creative teaching methods, interaction with their students and personal capacity as musicians.
We were looking for a teacher who was dedicated to the cause of teaching. Looking for someone who have all these qualities was very difficult to come by.
One person stood out. With over 25 years of teaching experience. He is loved by all the students both children and adults
A multi-talented person and a great human being. Mr. V Narayanswamy, a music teacher, conductor and composer was presented with the BEST MUSIC TEACHER AWARD by Dr. Ashley and his mother Mrs. Sarah William Joseph.

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