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Koramangala 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association; Solar Power Workshop on April 8

3Dr A K Ramdas

As we continue our quest for a clean, non-polluting source of energy, we find the answer lies in the development of Solar energy as a permanent solution to our energy needs.
Karnataka was the first to commission and generate hydroelectric power by building the power station at Shivasamudram several decades ago. But due to the growth of population and rapid industrialization, there has always been a power shortage. Added to this has been the growing needs of various consumer durable equipment at home. Though India has adequate reserves of coal, thermal power adds to pollution; natural gas has not yet been discovered in the State, leaving the only viable alternate of solar power!
The Government of Karnataka has launched its solar policy for 2014-21. As a result, the first major development is the “Solar Energy Park” in Pavagada, with 2000 MW capacity, the biggest in the World!
In the recent 2017-18 Budget proposals, Government of Karnataka, plans to secure 1000 MW from the Solar Energy to Park in Pavagada, add 397 MW besides 1375 MW from renewable energy sources. All these are likely to ensure that Karnataka does not suffer from powr outages; how can the citizens make a solid contribution to achieve this goal?
Koramangalites, for one, could seriously consider going in for installing solar power generating equipment on their roof tops so that they can, as a start, become self-sufficient and self-reliant; whether it is an average of 200-400 units of power needed by them, per month, this can be “generated” at home and the house owner can “relieve” Bescom off their needs (of 200-400 units), which can be supplied to some other needy consumer!
For those citizens who are keen to study the potential of solar power, they may note:
a) on grid system is recommended where power cuts are lower
b) electricity bills will become lower by the day
c) UPS based battery back up during power cuts are recommended for use
It may be of interest to note that a Turn-key operator like EcoSoch, will be able to send its Technical Team for a site inspection of the owner’s terrace and recommend a suitable proposal for tapping solar energy.
Digressing for a moment, according to the Press reports, the average power and distribution loss is projected at 22% while in some States, it is as high as 60%. While technical loss of power in transit is being addressed by advance state of art checking equipment, part of which is unavoidable, the greatest loss occurs simply due to THEFT and Meter tampering! But, with your own Solar Power, this loss will not
occur!! Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that the Electricity Boards and Original equipment makers are aware of this situation, they have NOT so far come up with a PILFER-PROOF meter boxes. This is a pity!
In our last article, on the subject, this writer had given details of tariff slabs in force. It is gratifying to note that BESCOM has amended petition for revision of tariff for 2017-18 so as to give different rates for power consumers, who draw less than 200 units per month.
In fact, it is stated that if energy efficient equipment is used, even with Air conditioners, consumption could be brought down to 200 units per month, by the user taking extra precaution for switching off equipment when not in use!
Now BESCOM has sought Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Company (KERC) for approval for implementing tariffs for consumers who use less than 200 units and higher rates for those using more power for their needs. These are:
Tariff slabs Uniform charges
Rs 3.6 for first 30 units
5.3 for 31 to 100 units
Rs 6.4 for 201 to 300 units
6.9 for 301 to 400
7.1 for 101 to 200 units
7.2 for 401 to 500
7.5 for 501 and above
The EcoSoch Workshop for Solar Power has been announced for 8th April (Saturday) andthis should be an interesting meeting for all those who are keen to become self reliant and support the environment for a clean source of continuous power. Their Technical Team, who have completed more than 50 projects will be on duty to explain every aspect of this useful energy saver.
Interested readers are recommended to register on line with [email protected] and [email protected] as registration is mandatory and on a first come basis. Pre-registration is recommended as the participant will need to supply basic data so that EcoSoch can study and advice the potential for each individual applicant. Non-members of the RWA6 may get in touch with Secretary Suresh Gowda on 919845262424.

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