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Coffee and Ink – Painting Exhibition

7Studio Strokes celebrated its 19th Anniversary with a unique theme- Coffee & Ink Painting Exhibition on 17 December at Indian Heritage Academy premises in Koramangala 6th Block.
Painting Exhibitiion:
The best works of the students numbering more than 60 were  up on display for  parents and others. Judges from Fine Arts  were present to select the outstanding ones for prizes as 1st, 2nd, 3rd  in following Age groups- 6 to 9, 10 to 13, 14 to 16, 16 + and Seniors.
It was a spectacular and awesome as all the paintings were created using coffee as the medium. One could see the different shades of coffee reflecting in the paintings apart from the great themes each one had. As most of these were of the children it was really breathtaking- unbelievable of their talent. Adding a sense of toast to the occasion were the presence of two coffee start-ups as refreshment sponsors-  BreanStalk and Leaves (promoters of Coffee on Amazon) offering freshly brewed coffee to drink and Third Wave- the Coffee Roasters (The Coffee Café  from 4th Block Koramangala)- offering Cakes.
The Audience mostly parents and others were overwhelmed and speechless to see the marvelous creations of the children and seniors.  They were all in praise of  their mentor Smriti Shiva who is more a friend than a teacher to them.  Many had spent more than a decade under her guidance exploring  their talent- from a hobby to a passionate career.
Plans are to hold this exhibition at other Art and Coffee connoisure’s meeting hubs. Next such one is in January  next month at the Rangoli Art Centre at Metro Station, M G Road.
Studio Strokes is a Fine Arts Academy at Koramangala,  which nurtures the talents of the young ones and adults to aspire for a career in Fine Arts. Over the years many  students  have discovered their hidden talents and given it a shape by venturing into professional courses like- Fine Arts, Architecture,  Animation, Fashion Designing, Photography, Interior Designing etc both in National and International level.  Besides, it is also a place for grown ups to explore their talents and seek solace in art. Every year the Anniversary Celebrations culminate into a fun filled Art mela with  an Art Exhibition of the best works of its students on display.

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