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Bijapur’s Twin Dome Edifice – Traitors Tributed

bijapur-jodh-gumbaz-twinIn the history of the world, one has never heard where traitors are honoured, respected and reverend. But in our mystic mysterious land it happenes… that’s why it’s – Incredible India!
One never knows why the 1687 AD heritage structure at Karnataka’s Bijapur ‘Jod Gumbaz’ or ‘Jodh Gumbaz’ or locally known as ‘Abdul Razzaq Dargah’ is attributed in honour of a father and son! This edifice bears tombs of the Adil Shahi King’s General and his son – a General commandering the Bijapur’s Adil Shahi king – a spiritual leader and his son. These duo were traitors to the land and helped Aurangzeb, the Mugal Sulthanate from Delhi capture Bijapur after a 2 year long waged war.
Sikander, the last young ruler of the Adil Shahi Dynasty stands in history losing his dynastic rule over Bijapur. The father and son are – Khan Muhammad and Abdul Razzaq Qadiri.
Jodh Gumbaz has a strange Hindu Custom, on arrival one is welcomed into the shrine with a spoonful of water which one reveredly drinks from your palm – thrita! Amazing mysterious Hindu ritual at a Muslim Shrine -a Darga!
This twin dome structure is set admist large grounds of land and gardens in the heart of the city of Bijapur. A government school is it’s neighbour. Mecca Gate another structure is close to it too. The edifice is in Islamic style, entrance is free, photography is allowed and abundant parking place is available. I don’t know if photography is allowed in the Dargha, when I went it was empty so I did click some photos. One major rule – Women are not allowed inside. They need to keep their reverence at the entrance door. Visiting between 9 am to 5 pm is allowed. These grounds form a favorite picnic spot among the visitors.
This Darga is special in savior of occult and black magic – the darkside of life. It is believed that anything you wish at this shrine comes true… tying a holy thread at the tomb helps you. The attending moulvi ties it for the women who station themselves in reverence at the door. Dropping a few coins at the box is appreciated.
This structure is massive and beautiful from all angles. An edifice with dark history which enamours tourists, photographers, artists, architects and religious faithful of all kinds!
Do keep this place when you visit Bijapur which is 530 kms from Bangalore by road, this place is well connected by public transport of rail and bus – it’s an overnight journey. Accommodation and restaurants are simple and basic. Being a tourist at Bijapur takes you half a day. Tourists with value for time and money one can add Badami, Patadakal, Aihole and even adding Hampi spending 3-4 days. It will be a value for money holiday with history of the region well imbibed. Carry cash, cards not well accepted. One can see a lot of foreigners soaking up our rich heritage here.
Make your holiday plans this season to an educative one. So long! Here I end my Bijapur travelogue. More of our beautiful country -India . . . in the following weeks.

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