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6th Block RWA celebrates Teachers’ Day in style

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Koramangala 6th block Residents’ Welfare Association Managing Committee organized Teachers’ Day event on September 11 to honour teachers residing in 6th Block.
The celebration of Teachers’ day was to give them our heartily tribute for their hard efforts of making our and nation’s future.
There was very good response from 6th block residents and more than 25 teachers attended the event. There were retired teachers, working teachers including various disciplines like Yoga, dance, music, sports.
The programme started with an invocation prayer by Shyamala Krishnan.
The prayer was followed by a welcome address by Jayaramu, President of 6th block RWA.
Archana Ajay Bhat entertained the audience with a mesmerizing dance performance.
Ms. Nidhi spoke about Dr. Radhakrishnan to commemorate the Teachers’ Day.
Ms. Shilpa spoke about Sir M Visvesvaraya to commemorate Engineers’ Day.
Radha Kulkarni, Dakshayani Raghavendra and other teachers shared their experiences and gave advice to other teachers on how to be a better teacher. This was very well appreciated by many teachers who attended the event. The gift distribution was done by Bindurao
In memory of his mother, Mrs. Vasantha Bai, who was a teacher, Mr. Viplov J G from Werner Finley sponsored the entire event. Mrs. Vasantha, born in Madanapalli AP worked as a teacher in KGF.
All the events where taken up by  Archana murthy,  Sreenivas VT with help of MC members.
“Teachers’ Day is like an occasion and opportunity to pay tribute and gratitude to the teachers for their continuous, selfless and precious efforts in shaping the future. They are the reason to enrich all the quality education system in the country and process it continuously without getting tired”, said Secretary Suresh N Gowda.
A few of the comments from the teachers who attended the event
“…It was inspiring to hear from senior teachers on what a teacher should be in today’s world….”
-Jennifer Tavares
“…It was great to hear experienced teachers talk….. I thank Mrs. Vasantha’s family for sponsoring the event today.
Thank you for the thoughtful gift to each of us” -Jayashree
“Thank you for the wonderful get together. The programme was good, the lunch was yummy and the gift was excellent. The RWA hospitality was great!” – Nafisa Saleem.

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