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People’s Doctor of Koramangala Dr Narayana Setty passes away

Narayana Setty

Narayana SettyPeople’s Doctor Dr A S Narayana Setty is no more. He passed away in the wee hours of Saturday. He was 81. Exactly seven years ago I had written an article about Dr A S Narayana Setty in July 2009. Here I recall the same which will speak more about him.
There are people who dream, and then there are people who do. Child Specialist Dr A S Narayana Setty  is, undoubtedly, one of the latter.
Serving society is his hobby, attending to the sick and the needy his mission. At 74, this Koramangala-based Dr Narayana Setty treats scores of patients a day, charging only a nominal fee that could cost a cup of coffee. Not the price of coffee you pay at Cafe Day Coffee or at the Barista. Even if you can’t afford that fees still it is OK for him. Besides if he has the right medicine that too is given free of cost to the needy patients.
His home garage in Koramangala 6th block has been turned into a clinic. As you enter the clinic you find a message above the door “Cure for sure clinic”. Timings 11 am to 1 pm and 6 pm to 8.30 pm. Sunday holiday. Yet you can find number of people waiting for getting treatment even on Sunday too even though the door seems to be closed. Not that only children go to him even the elders irrespective of the age group form a beeline at his clinic.
In Koramangala alone you can find number of clinics and hospitals where the doctors fees would range between Rs 100 and Rs 400 or more. Even there are doctors who charge consultation fees twice in a day if a patient visits in the morning and again in the evening. Not only doctors, even the patients feel cure if they visit a health centre that charges high fees. Moreover those who have insurance cover dose’nt bother it at all.
Born on March 12th 1936 at Konanur in Hassan district, Dr Setty received his medical degree from Mysore and post-graduate degree from Bangalore. After that he joined the Government services in 1956. He served in various posts and at various government hospitals in Kolar, Hassan, Bangalore and Kodagu districts till he retired in 1993 as an Assistant Surgeon. For over the past three decades he has been treating patients from home also.
“It is not a good idea to consult the “top” specialist for every problem, though this seems fashionable these days, for example, going to a neurologist for a headache. This can lead to your getting poor-care. Specialists often order unnecessary tests, which could be expensive and painful, to rule out rare diseases”, he says.
Admits Dr Setty modestly, “I am not much of an achiever. But when I review the course of my life, I derive much pleasure and satisfaction from the thought that in my modest way. I have been able to help the poor and the sick. Thus bringing smiles to the lips of some distressed people.”
“Cleanliness, personal hygiene, proper feeding, immunisation against diseases, negligence and seeking timely medical help when ill are the basic guidelines to be followed for child care”, he says. “Today many people practice self-medication and that should not be. Also the prescription once given will be taken again and again whenever fallen ill which should not be”, he says.
When asked why he is charging a nominal fee, the doctor replied “Be it a labourer or a resident or whoever it is, rich or the poor. They pay happily. And that happiness makes me more happy”.
-Akshaya Deva

“May his soul rest in peace and may God give courage to the family to bear the loss. Narayan Setty was a real public hero in Koramangala. He was around 80 years. He was charging only Rs 10 for patients. He passed away on Doctors’ Day. His smiling face and soft spoken person will be remembered for ever by Koramangala residents”- Seema Muralidhar, Koramangala 8th Block resident.

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