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Kurudumale – Meeting Hills !

City Kemp Parvati in Shiva temple. individual shrine. Cholas built. City Kemp Someshwara & Parvati temples in a huge spacious compound. Cholas built.‘Koodu Malai’ means ‘meeting hills’ in Tamil. Kudumale – Kurudumale was in legends – a meeting place for God’s & Goddess for their recreation.
Kurudumale is near Mulubagal (11kms) – Kolar(40 kms) or 104 kms from Bangalore traversing on NH4 – beautiful toll paying roads. It’s a 90-100 mins ride or drive. The nearest railway station is Kolar. Buses, autos, taxis ply from Kolar & Mulubagal. This could be a day trip. Leaving early one could include lot of tourism places in and around Kolar. One need not enter Mulubagal to go to Kurudumale, take a left before… road signs are clearly marked. The short 4 kilometres picturesque drive of farms and rural Karnataka scene takes you to Kurudumale!
The eating places are all on the highway. Popular Vegetarian ones being – Kamat & Adigaas (closer to Mulubagal, past Kolar). Coffee Day is before entering Kolar opposite a beautiful picturesque sunrise lake. Ofcourse you have a lot of Dhabaas for the adventurous kind. It’s advised to carry your own water, drinks, snacks & eats. Better you carry cash for your normal expenditure and temple offerings! People out here are simple folks. Language of communication is Kannada or Telugu. Sometimes Hindi is manageable. Tender coconuts and some snacks may be available around.
Kurudumale is famous for it’s two temples – one the famous 14 feet tall idol, 600 year old Vijayanagar kings built Ganesha temple and the 1600 year Cholas built Shiva temple.
Here this week I take you through Shiva temple. Next week the miracle Ganesha temple… Cholas during the reign of Raja Raja Cholan & Rajendra Cholan-I controlled the entrance of their kingdom . . . Karnataka – Mulubagal, meaning ‘main door’ of Karnataka! The Cholas extended their empire the whole of south India including Sri Lanka. During this Chola reign, this beautiful Shiva temple was built. The beauty of this temple is that – it’s built on a solid rock, no foundation!
This temple has a large compound wall. Inside this premises one can find two main deities Shiva – a beautiful Linga! & his consort Parvati has another structure where she stands beautifully adorned! The temple has a lot of Ganesha idols apart from various Hindu God’s & Goddess. It also has sculpted inscribed images of Hindu mythology. A lot of inscription in Tamil is found on the temple walls. Describing the era.
It’s believed that the famous Sculptor Jakanacharya & his son Dankanacharya have sculpted & carved the temple into a beautiful structure. It’s also believed that the other temple of Ganesha is also carved by them, leaving the idol.
These two temples of Ganesha & Shiva are just 150 metres away on the same street. It’s ironic to note that more people visit the Ganesha temple and lesser number folk visit this beautiful old Shiva temple, simply known as Someshwara temple of Kudumale. Worth a drive on a relaxed day.

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aka Jugie Singh
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