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Naadavaibhavam: A musical insights into Upanishads

_MG_6668ck _MG_6703ckIndian culture is a kaleidoscope that has often been viewed through the prism of its spiritual philosophy. This Sunday Vidushi Rohini’s disciples created a magical atmosphere as they performed Upanishad mantras at the musical extravaganza “NAADA VAIBHAVAM”.
Pranava pratisthana, Naadaprasanga and Hindusthani thaats, celebrated the annual convocation 2015 on December 6th at Nayana Rangamandira. The founder president Vidushi Rohini K M has been coaching more than 600 students across the globe. From past 15 years the forum is providing platforms to various upcoming artists, by conducting seminars, debates, and musical programs. The forum has published more than 60 books till date and has the credit of celebrating annual convocation every year with a theme to entertain and educate all music lovers. Last year it was “vachana vaibhava” which was a reflection of Basavanna’s vachanas. Before last year it was “Kahatha kabir suno” a recital of Kabir dohas. Before that it was “Malhar ragas” depicting the beauty of rainy season…
“Naadaprasanga” has to its credit of publishing the hindustaani classical research magazine, which is the first of its kind. With the aim of passing on quality music education to next generation all the disciples of Vidushi Rohini perform with zeal year after year. The specialty of this program was the theme “Nadavaibhavam”, a masterful recital of Upanishad mantras. More than 60 students from all age groups participated in the program. Mantra chosen mostly from Mandukya Upanishad created the atmosphere of mystical devotion and submission to what is looked upon as divine. This marvelous performance helped the audience to get acquainted with the essence of Upanishads. The melodious compositions of Vidushi Rohini made everyone sail into the ocean of calmness and tranquility. Mantras were set into tunes artistically. In all these compositions emotions savored rather than experienced. Considering the varied interests of the audience, few popular mantras were set into tunes with taraanas.
Unique performances of mantras like “Bhumi mangalam” and “sarve janaha sukhino santu” took the listeners into magical world of music and the divine spiritual world of Upanishads, connecting everyone with the rich cultural heritage of our Nation.
Senior musician “Vidushi Lalita J Rao” was felicitated with prestigious “Pranavashree” award for her dedicated efforts and contribution for Indian classical music. She congratulated Vidushi Rohini for spotting the talent in younger generation and grooming them to become fully fledged musicians. She said “Every nation or society made their music a means of progress and prosperity of social, political, cultural, religious and spiritual values of life”. Chief Guest and the senior Clarinet musician  Dr. Narasimhalu Vadavati inaugurated the program. While addressing the gathering he said “music is a source of delight”. He also added “Vidushi Rohini’s effort in spreading the knowledge of music to next generation is remarkable. Travelling 600 kilometers every fortnight corresponds to her social concern and indeed is a great accomplishment. Special invitee and the joint director of kannada culture department Balwant Rao Patil honoured Jaikumar hiremath and Jagdish Airsang for providing excellent accompaniments respectively. He said “music in its true shape maintains the equilibrium of mind”.He also added that Upanishads are integral and indispensible part of life. Chanting them on musical scale is indeed a remarkable achievement. All the disciples conveyed their gratitude through “Guruvandana”, where they expressed their deep gratitude and respect for their guru Vidushi Rohini.
Vinayaka M, a dedicated disciple of Vidushi Rohini was felicitated and awarded with the cash prize for scoring the highest marks in the music exams.
All the participants were presented with mementos and certificates as a mark of their participation. This spectacular journey provided the audience with the greatest opportunity to explore the sentiments, depth and manifestations of Indian culture hidden in Upanishads.

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