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Malur Cinemas: Celebrating 1st Year

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Malur Cinemas is a production house involved in producing short film, documentaries, organising and capturing events celebrated its first year with its team members recently in a party hall in Koramangala, Bengaluru.
The production house provides consultancy in media services for advertisements, courses, infrastructure and facility for media education, film and media production designing.
Malur Cinemas has produced 3 short films namely Appa, Coincidence and Heegondu Case. The 4th film Something Beyond is under production. The house was also involved in designing the production for the documentary Sukrupa, directed by Prashanth G Malur for Shajan Samuel Productions. This effort has won awards at the 3rd Mumbai Short Film Festival and 2nd Noida Short film festival. It has been featured at the prestigious 5th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival.
Malur Cinemas is a team of aspirant people and media professionals who are passionate in making films and servicing media related services including photography for events, portfolios, child photography, food, jewelry, wedding / bridal photography, production and post-production services for audio- visual media /films. 8Besides, it is a platform for aspiring actors, writers, technicians, editors, directors, production department and other allied areas of film making.
A single step taken a year ago has grown to a size of over 42 people including artist & technicians today. “The team is now planning to step in to making feature films shortly”, mentions Prashanth G Malur, the brain behind the team.
“We have grown in terms of team size, quality of content and presentation of ideas. The concepts in each of our films are experiments in treating various subjects. We have procured equipments required for the purpose of film making and have shown consistent growth in a span of one year”, mentions Madhusudan S Bhatta, Head of Post Productions.
“The concepts are new and freshthoughts in various genres like traditional, romantic, suspense and family Drama.  Every film has been an opportunity for special treatment technically and has been appreciated by the viewers”, mentions V K S Prabhakaran, Chief Director of Photography of Malur Cinemas.
Trials and new initiatives are part of life for us, and we have tried the same in composing fresh back ground scores and music for the films. One must watch the films to appreciate the effort that the team has put in all aspects mentions Manoj Kumar, Music Director of Malur Cinemas
“Producing and servicing in media is an important part of our lives. Butthen, what is more important at Malur Cinemas is the bond that we share as a team and practicing ethical and humane conduct on and off the sets.  Informal practical learning from seniors on the sets, continuous involvement and encouragement are most important in making projects”, mentions Prashanth G Malur, Founder of team Malur Cinemas.
“To be involved in film-making and media services have always been a dream for many working professionals, who would have missed the chance to be there, while there are many youngsters want to give media/films a try, Malur Cinemas is a ideal platform for people who want to give a try on their passion.  The team is a one stop shop for all the media production requirements”, mentions Harindra Savanur, Advisor of Malur Cinemas.
Short films that have been released can be viewed at Malur Cinemas channel on You Tube. You can also follow the team on their Facebook page, “Malur Cinemas”.

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