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‘Make India Shine’ enthralls all at ST Bed

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As many as 20 children of Bal Vikas organisation participated in the cultural programme organised with the help of S T Bed Residence Welfare Association at Ranga Mandira ST Bed layout Kormangala to celebrate 69th Independence Day of India.
Children  performed various skits, dances and songs and spread the message that India can shine only if we all take these few steps…….
lPadega India Tabhi To Badega India– Educate each child by sending him / her to school.
lBeti Bachao Beti Padao– Give importance to girls. Do not discriminate them. They are not less than boys.
lAdopt Modern Technology—-  It is very important that the adults must listen to children, give importance to their new ideas and if necessary adopt the modern way of life, then only there will be progress in our society.
l Break the walls— Unity in diversity is the beauty of our country. To achieve that , it is necessary to break the walls of caste, creed, religions, status etc.
lThe essence of peaceful life— Remember that ultimately God is our superhero and all powerful. Thus instead of considering ourselves to be superior, we should just do our duties towards our family, society and country and lead a peaceful life.

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