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Some gems from Abdul Kalam

kalam city kemp

kalam city kemp* NO means Next Opportunity
* END means Effort Never Dies
* It is easy to defeat someone but really difficult to win over someone.
*Adopt a mission- ie Focussed approach to all your effort.
*Ignited Minds are the way to progress.
*Dream, dream, dream ie Dreams result in plans and programmes which lead to Action
*It is not widely known but contributed to health care by
* Developing a Stent for cardiac use – costing only Rs 10,000 against Rs 70,000 if imported.
* Also developed inexpensive calipers for polio affected. These were some of the spin offs from Defence labs of DRDO.
*A book titled ‘Advantage India’ was completed recently by Dr Kalam. Co-authored with (close aide) Srijan Pal Singh , the book is due for release.
– R Sriram,
former Member Technical, KEB

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