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Man recovers from Cancer at 78, thanks Apollo Hospitals

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Prabhuswamy ST with the team of doctors from Apollo

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On 10th July, Prabhuswamy S T, a 78 year old gentleman from Bangalore was brought to the Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road complaining of drastic weight loss within a month and right sided scrotal swelling. On medical evaluation, it was found that he suffered from Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), one of the most common forms of genitourinary malignancy.
Traditionally, medical therapies have proven ineffective in the treatment of RCC. The procedure is accompanied by the risks of unexpected and life-threatening haemorrhage with hypotension, disruption and embolization of the tumor into the pulmonary arteries. This could cause renal failure and stroke as it requires a long abdomino-thoracic incision and liver mobilization techniques resulting in loss of 2-9 litres of blood. The procedure also requires the patient to undergo an 8-12 hours of surgery and a hospital stay of 10-15 days.
Apollo Hospital Bangalore happens to be the first private hospital in India to introduce the most advanced technique in the treatment of RCC.  On 13th July, a special team of senior consultants comprising Dr L N Raju, Senior Consultant – Urology & Kidney transplant and Dr. Sathyaki Nambala – Senior Consultant – Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery successfully performed the surgery within a short span of three hours. The procedure substantially reduced the use of mechanical ventilation and transfusion.
When asked about the surgery, Dr. L N Raju said, “The hypertensive patient was presented to us with a weight loss of 6-7kgs within one month and scrotal swelling. There was no history of fever, hemoptysis, breathlessness, chest pain or giddiness which made it difficult for us to diagnose. A thorough evaluation identified the malignancy and helped us provide the patient with the right and timely treatment.”
Providing further insights into the case, Dr. Sathyaki Nambala said, “We adopted minimal invasive technique instead of the traditional abdomino-thoracic incision which avoided a lot of blood loss and offered the patient, aesthetic benefits.”
Expressing his gratitude,  Prabhuswamy S T said, “I am thankful to the team of doctors at Apollo Hospitals for the medical care and attention given to me while in the treatment.  They also provided great mental support which has helped in a speedy recovery.”

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