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No footpath on Inner Ring Road; immediate action needed

123 city kempFew months ago I had taken a photograph to show our Minister Ramalingam Reddy how people are struggling everyday to walk over the bridge of drain besides Oasis Mall on inner ring road.
A small stretch of around 100 metres does not have footpath, instead some metal pipes for protecting the cables which makes even more difficult to walk on them for pedestrians. There is no space whatsoever for people to walk on the road as it happens to be close to Sony World Signal which is a very busy junction and always there is traffic jam.
Ramalinga Reddy immediately instructed AEE Pujar to construct the footpath but unfortunately AEE was transferred. However Chandru of BBMP has promised he will construct the footpath very shortly. It is a very dangerous stretch to walk, immediate action is the need of the hour as it is a accident prone area
– Mohan Raju,
Secretary ST Bed Residents’ Welafare Association

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