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Road to good health paved with pebbles

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city kemp 022 city kemp 037 city kemp 041 city kempWalking barefoot in a park may not be your idea of good health. But this practice promotes wellness when you walk on a designated pathway paved with pebbles. A pebbles pathway, first of its kind in a BBMP Park of the city. You will find it in Koramangala 3rd Block. Similarly pebbles pathway is famous in Chennai Parks so also in Singapore parks you can find pathways paved with pebbles. Walkers can get an accupressure effect while walking on the pebbles with bare foot after completion of the routine walking.

At a colourful function on Saturday in the presence of a modest gathering, Grand Mercure General Manager Gaurav Shiva and senior resident Lakshmibai Patil along with Asha Patil of Marble Italia inaugurated the newly laid pebble pathway in Koramangala 12th Main Park of 3rd Block. Resident Lata Heble, Koramangala 3rd Block residents’ Welfare Association President Ajay Reddy, contractor Inayathulla (Adil) and residents accompanied them to open the pebble pathway.
The 3rd Block Park is popular for open air gym, free library, community hall and serene environment besides other facilities. From day one, Grand Mercure has adopted the park.
Walking on this path generates a feeling of having undergone acupuncture treatment. There will be no pain in the feet while walking on these pebbles-paved paths. It is learnt that complaints like swelling of feet can be prevented by this walk.
Resident Lata said that this step is taken to give the people the experience of feeling undergoing acupuncture treatment. It is advised to walk for 5 minutes only.
The pebbles were sponsored by the resident Lakshmibai Patil, while the project was completed using funds through MLA grant. As promised, the Minister Ramalinga Reddy has been very cooperative in getting best of the facilities to the residents, expressed the residents. The work was completed by the contractor Adil in just two days time. Soon after opening the pebbles pathway, the resident Lakshmibai Patil recalled how difficult it was decades ago when there was no park to walk around this place. Now it is really beautiful, thanks to all those who fought and strived hard to develop into this beautiful park with many facilities, she said and blessed for the well being.

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