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Mekedaatu & Cauvery – Arkavathy Sangama

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city kempMekedaatu about 2 hour journey is 90 kms from Bengaluru – a picturesque spot nearby to the city. It’s 4 kms downstream on the meeting place of two rivers from Karnataka, the mighty Cauvery which takes birth in Talakaveri in Coorg (Kodagu) and Arkavathy which originates from Nandi Hills, Chickballapur district closeby to Bengaluru which ends it’s 34 kms journey by pouring itself with its tributaries Kumudavathi and Vrishabhavathi  into the mighty Cauvery here at Sangama – (Kanakapura district of Karnataka) 86 kms from Bengaluru. Cauvery comes in from the wellknown Shivasamudram falls.
Mekedaatu means ‘Goat’s Leap’ in Kannada, the local language. Legend has it that a goat leapt the water-falls area and the tiger didn’t pursue its prey, hence the name. The chasm has widened over a period of time and looks bigger and wider for a goat’s leap today. Mythology says that the goat was Lord Shiva crossing the river Cauvery. There are hoof marks like deep carved holes – which is attributed to mythology.
city kempSangama to Mekedaatu is approximately 5 kms trek after crossing the river – either by wading through water in summers or crossing the river in round boats called Coracle. The 5 kms journey from the other side bank is by rickety vehicles Bus or Jeeps which have seen better days. The boat and the vehicle journey set you off by Rs.50-60 in peak crowded season and low season with dearth of visitors – it’s his price. I almost paid Rs.500/- thanks to last minute joining of 3 people. This place has a few shops selling water, snacks and soft drinks. There is a Karnataka state tourism (KSTDC) place to reside and a Mayura restaurant – this could be spruced up to comfort, cleanliness and hospitality. It makes sense for picnic goers here to pack their own picnic basket. South Indian Breakfast and smacks could be had enroute, the last civilised spot is Kanakapura. Liquor and gambling is banned here but the bachelor boys do indulge in it. It’s better for families to choose spots closer to the entrance at Sangama.
Sangama – Mekedaatu is a place associated with danger and accidents…right from driving from Bangalore to the spot, narrow roads and careless traffic on holidays and weekends take its toll. Caution is advised. Water at Sangama is deceptive, one feels it not deep but strong currents, deep gorges, slippery rocks, crocodile infested in waters add to the danger. It’s safer for public to be at the banks and enjoy their picnic. Strong swimmers too have perished. Numerous caution boards are put up for public knowledge. Sangama, the confluence of the rivers Cauvery and Arkavathy is about 150 metres wide but at Mekedaatu 4 kms down it compress to 10 metres. In rainy season, this place is in full splendor. This place is surrounded by hills with its flora and fauna.
Close by before Sangama is the Chunchi water falls on river Arkavathy, it’s only splendor nature can be seen during rainy season – this river is rainwater fed. Close by places of stay and interest are – Cauvery Fishing camps and resorts -Bheemeshwari fishing camp and Galibore fishing camp. Muthathi is another wild scenic place along the Cauvery bank. The famous fish, Masheer – tiger with wings is angled as a sport here. These camps are natural camps with staying comforts for a forest adventure. These are managed by Jungle Resorts and prior bookings can be made at Bengaluru. Please do not proceed to these places without confirmed reservations. The roads are dark, rough and dangerous. Local ruffians are not friendly type. The journey one way takes 2 hours.
Kanakapura to Bengaluru is a highway and safe with good state highway. Enjoy your one day outing with responsibility and care. Have a nice time. Start early and leave early.

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