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BMTC Majestic Bus Station gets Child Assistance Centre

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IMG_0402 city kemp city kempA child assistance centre to cater to the various needs of the children who are found in and around the Bangalore city Bus stand as well as to prevent all forms of child abuse through awareness creation was opened at the 1st Platform of Majestic bus station by H Nabiraja Jain, Chairman, BMTC along with dignitaries from Women Child Welfare Department and police. It is a first of its nature in the country and will proactively work towards creating child friendly places in the BMTC premises.
“BMTC, being the largest carrier of passengers in Bangalore with over 5000 buses passing through the station daily ferrying over two lakh people, it  is estimated that about 5 to 10 children from the Urban and Rural Bengaluru come to the city through BMTC buses unaccompanied by adults or lose way while travelling with adults. An experience of last year, rescuing 1663 children from the Bus Stand premise alone makes the location strategic. In comparison to previous years, we see increased number of children in the BMTC area as some of them is not able to cope with the demand of the school while for some others lots of pressures are put on by the parents during the time of the exams. There is also middle man trying to lure the children. Our efforts are to turn Bangalore city into a child friendlier city” said Fr. George P. S., the Executive Director, BOSCO.
“Extending care and protection to children is a collective responsibility of a community. At BMTC every effort must be put in to give training to drivers and conductors as they are be the ones who will be coming to contact with such children often. I am willing to train as many people as possible” exclaimed Mr  Umesh Aradya, Chairperson, KSCPCR.
“I have seen the efforts taken by BOSCO in the past years in rescuing children from Kempegowda & BMTC Bus Station and am happy to extend our support by giving space in Shivajinagar BMTC Bus Station to open a similar Child Assistance Centre” promised Sri. H. Nabiraja Jain, Chairman, BMTC while delivering the inaugural speech.
The story of 17 year old Raghavendra was inspiring to the gathering. “I came to Bangalore in search of job, leaving my family behind on November 23rd 2014. After reaching the BMTC Bus Station I was confused and did not want to return home. As I was weeping unable to take decision, one of BOSCO staff came to my rescue. I would have been a street boy if BOSCO staff had not spoken to me on that day. I am so happy to have met BOSCO staff and they have given me life. In BOSCO I am leaning Carpentry and dream to start a business of my own”, he said.
The CAC will operate 24×7, assisting children, especially who are in risk situation at or around BMTC Majestic Bus Station.  An audio CD explaining the child line number 1098 as well as how to extend a helping hand when an unaccompanied child is found in and around the premises was released on the occasion. The message will be broadcasted periodically from the control room of the BMTC.
BOSCO is a premier NGO working for street and working children since 1980 and annually rescue, rehabilitate and reach out to more than 7000 children in distress from the City Railway Station, Kempegowda Bus Station (KSRTC and BMTC), KR Market and Shivajinagar areas.

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