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Caste wise census a welcome move

city kemp DSC05301 city kempAfter a gap of eighty four years, Karnataka State government’s decision to conduct caste wise census in the State is a welcome move. Of course, Karnataka Government is conducting this census first time and once successfully completed, it will certainly benefit. Whenever welfare measures are declared by the central or state governments, many a time it will not reach the needy sections of the society. Lack of proper data with Government is the main cause for all these anomalies.
Even though compiling all the 55 column information’s during census, a tedious job, the result during subsequent years will certainly yield desired results and will help the state government to use this information judiciously for effective implementation of various welfare schemes.
More than census staff, the general public have to take more care while furnishing specific information’s with view to derive proper data with their own interest.                                                               -Ravindra Kumar,
President, ENERA  & Civic  Activist.

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