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Making Bengaluru an ATM crime free City

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city kempNow a crime can not only be detected on-line as it is happening, but also can be immediately deterred using Video Verification & 2-Way audio.
Thanks to Securens Systems Pvt Ltd was the first company in India to have introduced 24/7 Monitored Intrusion Alarm Systems with Active Deterrence for ATMs and Bank Branches.
The Active Deterrence Technology of Securens Systems Pvt Ltd, has deterred many burglary attempts not only in Bengaluru but across India.  The technology has also prevented numerous fire incidents by alerting in advance which enabled necessary preventive action to be taken that avoided any serious damage to life or property.
Bengaluru was in the news for its most gruesome and horrified ATM attack in 2013.
Besides preventing Burglary, it also prevents mugging and robbery of customers at the ATM Site. Banks can be assured of Customer’s safety and Customers can be assured of having a safe ATM site to transact any time of the night.
An unarmed guard life is at risk during a burglary attack.  A guard who has been severely injured or killed has been well covered in the media.  There is no need to knowingly put a guards life at risk when a technology alternative that is both credible and reliable is readily available with a proven track record.
The solution has previously been presented to the Bengaluru Police to demonstrate its effectiveness in combating ATM Crimes. Securens has an extremely successful track record of deterring ATM attacks.  Securens currently has 500 plus ATMs under E-Surveillance with Active Deterrence in Bengaluru and 500more are expected to come up in the city soon.
city kempSunil R Udupa, Managing Director, Securens Systems Pvt Ltd say’s: “Effective & Efficient technology based E-Surveillance with Active Deterrence not only provides a safe and secure place for customers to transact but would also help making Bangalore city free of ATM Crimes.  One of the direct beneficiary would be the Police”.

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