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BBMP stops illegal construction for commercial activity in 4th block

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city kempA property in Koramangala 4th Block 5th cross, is yet another classic case of commercial activity in a residential layout started without permission from the BBMP.
A group of residents from the locality complained to BBMP and in turn the BBMP swung into action and got stopped the work on Tuesday. Now the property owner is restoring the compound wall to its original state. This is an eye opener to the residents of Bengaluru. Instead of keeping quiet and blaming the authorities, report such unauthorised constructions and bring it to the notice of BBMP.  They are sure to take action.
The 5th cross 4th block is purely a residential area where commercial activity cannot be started as per recent High Court order.
It may be noted that the High Court pulled up BBMP on Friday last for allowing commercial activities in a residential area like Defence Colony in Indiranagar and it has asked the BBMP to file action taken report.
Also the residents of Koramangala 3rd Block under the banner of Koramangala 3rd Block Residents’ Welfare Association too are working and trying to find solutions to stop rampant illegal commercialisation going on in their block too. Even they have sought the Bengaluru District incharge Minister’s cooperation in this regard.

Already the residents on this cross road were having problems for a long time since a PG has been functioning there. Besides this, a laundry had come up. Subsequently a small eatery had come up in a tin shed over a period of time.
But in the last fortnight, this tin shed was removed and the owner of the property was building a permanent structure to be used as shops and other commercial activities. Moreover the constructing activity was started in a setback area. Noticing this activity, a group of residents from the block complained to the BBMP.
Thereafter realising the gravity of the situation, the neighbourhood residents submitted a memorandum to the BBMP Commissioner, local BBMP office, Bengaluru District incharge Minister Ramalinga Reddy and also to the Koramangala 4th Block Residents’ Welfare Association, with an objection over the alleged construction to run commerical activity.
The 5th cross 4th block is purely residential area, how can you let freely for constructing commerical activity, they questioned.
The BBMP Assistant Executive Engineer Pujar immediately swung into action and directed Assistant Engineer Shivalingappa to stop if such activity is going on without BBMP sanction plan.
city kempSoon Shivalingappa and team on Tuesday visited the place and stopped the building construction work. Now the building owner removed all the materials related to building work and restored the compound wall in its original place.
What the High Court order says:
It may be recalled that (February 19, 2014) the Karnataka High Court had passed final orders on a 6 year old case which had been filed by the Citizens Action Forum and others challenging the 2015 Masterplan for Bengaluru.
Earlier in interim orders passed in January and December 2012, the High Court has prohibited any sanction of non-residential plans in areas which were mainly residential and mixed residential in the 2015 CDP. In addition, the court clarified that all areas which were earlier designated as residential in CDP 1995 would also come under the ambit of the interim orders.
The court passed orders along the following lines:
1. In Ring 1 and Ring 2 areas in the CDP 2015, the new commercialization rules would be as under: (Koramangala falls under Ring 2)
(a) There would be no allowable commercial usage including ancillary usage on all roads which are 40 ft and under in width in all areas designated as Mainly residential and Residential Mixed.
(b) In resepect of those roads which are over 40 ft in width, commercial usage would be permitted only as ancillary usage to the extent of 20 % or 50 sq metres whichever is lower.
(c) In all such cases, conversion of ancillary usage to main usage stands prohibited.
(d) The list of commercial activities permitted as ancillary usage stands drastically reduced.

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