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Residents rejoice as unscientific road humps removed

city kemp city kemp road humps webThe two unauthorised unscientific road humps (speed-breakers) that had been laid illegally on Koramangala-Adugodi Main Road in 8th Block near Narayan Techno School, have been finally removed by the Adugodi Traffic Police on Thursday night.
The residents of the block have thanked the Adugodi Traffic Police for their prompt action.
These unauthorised road humps were causing a lot of inconvienance to motorists especially two-wheeler riders. Many senior citizens living in the block had complained about the problem they were facing due to unscientific road humps. City Kemp had reported this matter in its recent issue. Subsequently a memorandum was given to Adugodi traffic by a group of residents  attaching a copy of the newspaper
Scientific road hump:
As per the Indian Road Congress, the height of a road hump should be 0.125 metres (Approximately 5 inches) and a width of 3 metres. Also it should have a reflective cautionary board about 100 meters ahead of the breaker.

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