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News of interest

Dr Anirban Basu
Dr Anirban Basu

Congratulations to City Kemp on completion of one year!  Akshay has been doing a great job by bringing together news of interest to resident communities on a variety of topics.
Thanks to the apathy of the government agencies, the citizens of different localities face tremendous challenges in their day to day life and City Kemp is a mouthpiece for airing the views of hapless citizens.
Also City Kemp’s coverage of various social and cultural events is a source of inspiration to the participants and helps us to know the events happening around us. Keep it up City Kemp! Wish you a great future.
-Dr Anirban Basu
President of Computer Society of India


Rendering great service

Bharath Bushan
Bharath Bushan

I am really happy about City Kemp celebrating 1st year completion. Congratulations to team City Kemp. It has been rendering a great service to the community in around Koramangala through the publication.
I have been closely watching how it has increased their readership in the last few months. The news coverage is excellent and the topics do not overlap with items covered by the big newspapers.  I and some of our family friends as regular readers eagerly wait every week  for the newspaper to come which covers a lot of topics catering to all ages and strata that are happening in our area. Let it spread its tentacles all over the city soon.
-Bharath Bushan
Youth leader, BTM Assembly


Good response

IMG-20150202-WA0020webWe congratulate City Kemp on its celebration of 1st anniversary.
This newspaper has a good response throughout Koramangala.  We wish City Kemp to grow in a huge way and all the best for the future.
-Sujatha Satish
Spoorthi Mahila Sangha,

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