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Republic Day at Asha Niketan

DSC04972web DSC04980webOne person alone cannot feed all hungry stomachs on earth. But when you get together, you can do something. And yes, even a small contribution, even just feeding one hungry child a day, can make a difference.
Like this, Koramangala 8th Block Welfare Association President L Nagaraj has been sponsoring every Sunday meals for the inmates of Asha Niketan in Koramangala 6th Block for a period of one year. The inmates are mentally challenged and are about 50 in numbers.
Last Monday on Republic Day, L Nagaraj along with RWA Secreatary B D Nagaraj visited Asha Niketan with a box full of sweets and distributed to the inmates.
“I am trying to make a difference in the lives of the children of this organisation”, said L Nagaraj.
One could see the joy in the faces of of the inamtes as each one took a packet of sweets.
“By feeding these children,  as a special gift on the occasion of Republic Day for someone it is a great idea to give them the honour of being a sponsor for one day’s food”,  said Roy Chermana who sponsored for the day’s lunch.

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