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Work to replace sewage pipelines begin in 1st Block

DSC04884web DSC04902web DSC04904web DSC04909webOn the Republic Day in Koramangala 1st Block there was one more reason for the residents to cheer. Bengaluru District Incharge Minister Ramalinga Reddy launched the works to replace sewage pipelines with a bigger diametre in the block.
At an estimated cost of Rs 18 lakh, the sewage pipeline of bigger (9inch) diametre will be replaced in all roads of the block.
The sewage piplines were laid way back when the layout was formed by the BDA nearly four decades ago. Earlier, the BWSSB had planned to replace the sewage pipeilnes on certain roads of the 1st Block wherever the problems of choking existed.
But later, on the directions of the Minister Ramalinga Reddy all roads were included and in a few months time the sewage pipelines will be replaced.
Once the works were launched, the contractor along with the workers began the work to replace the sewage pipelines.
At the function, the guests and residents were honoured with live flowering potted plants. Koramangala First Block Residents’ Association President Annie, Koramangala Ward President Govardhan Reddy, residents from other blocks, BWSSB Assistant Engineer Naveen and others were present.

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