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kid1webEducation, a lifeline and a backbone for our future Lives. Have we ever imagined if we weren’t educated, what will be our lives?
A moment when we can’t even spell our names too. Irony is that, we can’t even think of it. Our bread and butter is based upon something which millions of children are striving for daily. There is nothing greater than spreading happiness and making future of someone. Here is a school near Hennur, which provide not only free education to orphan children but also build their right personality. There are many school out there providing the same, but the difference Banyan community school gives is the right and healthy atmosphere for every child.
Banyan Community School provides children not only education but also solid foundation for a successful future for the entire family, but also translates into the development of communities over time.
The villagers find solace in simply-constructed structures that serve as schools. Learning in open spaces, in the fields, under the trees, these schools have help to bring communities together and allowed them to dream of a life they would want for their children.
This unity enables continual development and expansion of communities thus helping to bring them closer to achieve better life and to create a self-sustaining tribal community. The continual development and expansion brings communities closer towards achieving a better life and creating a self-sustaining tribal community.
kid2web“We measure education not only through academic performance but also through the overall success and satisfaction of the individual. Our holistic approach aims to develop children to excel in all aspects of life – socially, psychologically and materially. The methodology promotes cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth, thus leading to an education that is complete” said the Principal.
Homeless children have the odds stacked against them. They are exposed to the elements, have an uncertain supply of food, are likely miss out on education and medical treatment, and are at high risk of suffering addiction, abuse and illness. A single child alone on the streets is especially vulnerable.
“The purpose of the Banyan school is for students to learn about a part of life they would not find in their textbook,” explained faculty. “We wanted to make studies more interesting and give students a richer understanding of what was happening during the time period we were studying. This project went beyond the textbook; we were able to bring in real life experiences and to interact with other classes.”
Poverty is the prime cause of the street children crisis. Children from well-off families do not need to work, or beg. They live in houses, eat well, go to school, and are likely to be healthy and emotionally secure. Poverty dumps a crowd of problems onto a child.
Not only do these problems cause suffering, but they also conspire to keep the child poor throughout his/ her life. In order to survive, a poor child in India will probably be forced to sacrifice education and training; without skills the child will, as an adult, remain at the bottom of the economic heap.
In Banyan Community School, students are encouraged to broaden their vision and deepen their roots by appreciating their own cultural heritage as well as that of other nations.
They are provided with modern tools as well as the moral and spiritual strength needed to face the challenges of modern day living.

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