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infant1web infant2web infant3webinfant4webInfant Jesus Church is a Roman Catholic Church in the city of Bengaluru. Established in the year 1971, Sonnanahalli (now Vivekanagar) in Vivek Nagar area, the church is dedicated to Infant Jesus. It is known as the Infant Jesus Shrine and was built to commemorate the historic Infant Jesus of Prague.
The annual feast celebrations is being held from January 4 – the Flag Hoisting day, to January 14 – the Feast Day. Thousands of devotees from all communities came to witness the blessings of miraculous infant Jesus on January 4 – Flag hoisting Day in the presence of Rev. Arch Bishop Bernard Moras. The devotion to Infant Jesus has become widespread and the Infant Jesus Shrine is now known as the place of pilgrimage, miracles and divine solace not only in this state, but across the country. Thousand of devotees from all faiths throng the shrine on Thursday, to honour Infant Jesus.
The Novena will continue for 9 days and ends on January 14.  On that day, there will be very special masses in different languages and besides there will be a mass by Rev Arch Bishop Bernard Moras.
In the evening, very grand and beautiful car procession blessed by Rev. Arch Bishop Bernard Moras, a chariot carrying a statue of Infant Jesus, will be flagged off. Later, the Holy Flag will be lowered to mark the culmination of the 10-day prayer and devotion which preceded the feast.
The foundation was laid on April 18, 1969, by Rev Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy, the then Archbishop of Bengaluru.
In May 1971, Rev Fr L Peter after being appointed the firstparish priest, brought the statue of infant Jesus from Sacred Heart Church and installed it in an improvised old tent. Thus began the “Tent Church” which lasted for eight years. In 1974, the plan for the new Church was submitted to the Corporation authorities who, unfortunately, turned it down for want of conversion certificate of the land. Besides, they demanded the approval of Bangalore Development Authority as per requirements of the Urban Land Ceiling Act.
Despite in surmountable problems, Fr Peter continued to wear himself out with continuos toil. His implicit trust in Infant Jesus, perseverance, patience, and hard work paid him rich dividends. The powerful and miraculous intervention of Infant Jesus finally enabled him to get the much desired conversion order on 26th October 1977. Development charge of Rs.50,000 was also waived, the first ever waiver in the history of the Bangalore Development Authority. Soon after, the plan of the “Rose Garden” Church was got sanctioned. All these events happened on Thursday, the day dedicated to Infant Jesus.

Why this shrine was built?
While it is an expression of the love of people it was built, to house the miraculous statue, so as to cater the needs of the devotees, so devotees need not go to the church during worship, unless they want to participate in the Eucharistic Celebration.”The more you honour me, the more I will bless you” The best way to honour Him is to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. At least, visit Him on Thursday, the weekly novena day and participate in the annual feast celebrations by attending the novena from 4th January, the Flag Hoisting day, to 14th January, the Feast Day.
The popularity of the church grew sharply after the miracles of the shrine inspired a Tamil film, Kuzhanthai Yesu (1984). Over the years, the Thursday mass at the church has grown in audience and today it is frequented by 10,000 people from various religions, and on the day, the church holds seven masses in different languages.

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