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MMA celebrates Ningol Chakouba in style

Ningol Chakouba
Manipuri Meitei Association Bangalore, celebrated its annual Ningol Chakouba on November 9

The Manipuri Meitei Association Bangalore, celebrated its annual Ningol Chakouba on November 9.
The function was held at the Senate Hall, Central university campus, near Mysore bank circle. This year the turnout was more than expected. The day began with the kitchen arriving at the scene first.
Ningols, dressed in their best traditional attire started arriving by 11am. The hall started to fill up. It was the best time for a game of Housie. Everyone enthusiastically took part and the usual shouting of the numbers echoed in the hall.
In the meantime, there was a photo booth set up by the Manipur Photography Club, Bengaluru unit. The MPC Bengaluru unit was the photography partner of this year’s event. They set up an entire studio with strobe lights and white background and the works. It was quite a sight to see. Many people got their pictures clicked.
After a while, the Ningols had their lunch. The much awaited lunch was served by volunteers from MMAB as well as BMSA (Bangalore Manipur Students’ Association). Utti (a vegetatian dish made of pulses), Eromba (boiled vegetables mashed with fermented fish), Champhoot (Boiled vegetable served without any addition), Singju (meitei vegetarian and non vegetarian salad), Sareng Thonga (king fish dish), Ataoba (Rahu Deep fried), Sagol Hawai (Black Dal), Hei Thonga (Fruit dish), Achar (pickle) and Kher (Kheer, dessert) were the menu. The kitchen team did a fabulous job in making sure that the food was made on time and served on time. Due to lack of space in the lunch area, the lunch had to be served in two batches.
As the Ningols settled down after lunch, MMAB officials were introduced to the crowd. Everyone was cheered by the sporting crowd who showed up to show their support for MMAB’s event. MMAB is truly honoured to have this kind of support and hope to get your support in the future too.
Dakhina is an essential item without which the Ningol Chakouba is not complete. Within the limited budget MMAB gifted a small Dakhina to all the Ningols who came. Each one of them was happy to get the Dakhina, it did not matter whether it was large or small. After this, it was time for the bumper Housie. The last event of the day and it was time for farewell with a hope to see each other again next year.
MMAB thanks all the volunteers who took out time to come and help us, the executive members who went out of their way to make sure that the event was a success, the Manipur Photography Club Bengaluru unit for their enthusiasm and support, and to all the brothers and sisters who could make it to this event.
Manipur na yaiphare. MMAB na yaiphare (bless manipur, bless MMAB).Ningol Chakouba

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