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Simon Sinek’s – Golden Circle

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Today’s complex and highly changing market environment needs highest creativity every day to combat the market demands. It is a very big challenge for the organization to build a highly creative team dedicated to meet the organizational vision. The intellectual people do not just work for the pay check, but work for their fulfillment. Manager plays a very critical role in building a creative team that caters the demand of the market consistently for years…
Manager is responsible for the business success of the organization; he must ensure that projects have been executed very efficiently in terms of cost and time. Manager needs to do lots of preparation before initiating any project. He has to prepare a detailed project plan, work breakdown structure to get the task level as granular as one or two day’s work effort for each individual, so that they can aggregate the total effort required to complete the project.  This will help manager to estimate the cost and time required to execute the project successfully. With this the Manager negotiates for the time and resource. This is an essential part of any project management.
Once the plan is approved, next process is to initiate the project and allocate resources for each of the task in the work breakdown structure and share with the team to execute their tasks in the given sequence, track the progress against the plan and chase every milestone. If team can achieve all milestones on time within the budget, it is success! Otherwise do root cause analysis and share learning that can be used for the next project.
But the responsibility of the manager doesn’t stop there, he must understand the human biology, how the human brain has been evolved. Careful examination of cross section of human brain shows that the neo cortex, the outer surface, is mainly responsible for rational thinking that determines the IQ of an individual. It helps to logically solve any problem in a rational way. However the center part is the limbic brain, that carries the feeling. Many times you must have observed, though logically everything is fine, the gut feeling says NO. This comes from the limbic brain. The Manager needs to address the feeling first that is generated from the limbic brain.
Simon Sinek- Golden Circle
In this process it is essential to keep the team excited to achieve the highest degree of creativity.
Every team will be aware of what they do, and many teams come out with their way on how to differentiate themselves from the other teams to meet the business challenges. Team comes out with innovative ways, in terms of process, automation, usage of tools and technologies to combat the challenge.
It is easy for human to think from out to in of the golden circle, as outer shell is clear and goes inside is fuzzy. As “Simon Sinek” says a Manager should think, act and communicate from inside out, understand the feeling and address “why” first so that the team can believe in what he believes. Make the team understand why this project is essential achieve organizational vision?
The next part is how to differentiate this against the competitors, how to ensure consistent quality of delivery, how to ensure to keep the execution cost low. This ensures to bring the highest degree of ownership in the project and gears up the team to adapt itself to accommodate any change may be in scope, schedule… Manager need not have to run around to find owner for each task and follow up with them. It ensures enough time for manager to think on the emotional factors of the team and give enough room for him to support the team for the dynamic changes.

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