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Happy ‘Anandam’ at Kodaikanal; next project at Bengaluru

villa ckDr A K Ramdas
Traditionally, the Indian heritage and  culture involves the establishment and continuance of the joint family system, which has been in vogue from time immemorial.  However,  in the last two decades or so, this is slowly changing due to various reasons, primarily as a result of western education and influence.
Today, as the girls in the family go away to start a new life as a bride, it is boys in the family that bring home the bride, who, after a while may like to leave the joint family system to start afresh in a new location or even in the same town and lead independent lives, raise their kids.  So the seniors, or the ageing grand parents, are left to fend for themselves.  Most of them still do, thus giving “space” and freedom to their children.
Life becomes  a little harder by the day, and both parents still have to work at home to carry on their lives. The “husband” may have “retired” with a pension, provident fund, some savings and lot of “send-off” gifts, but the wife has to slog still, as she has no “retirement” benefit!
The concept of Old Peoples’ Retirement Homes is a recent innovation in India.  As mentioned in the beginning of this article, it is an imported idea and practice from the West, where the Retirement Homes are a well-knit  organized industry. In fact, in the West, couple plan and prepare for their retirement well in advance and look forward to a carefree life in a well established and run retirement homes.
In the last 20 years  or so, hundreds of such old people’s homes have sprung up all over the country spear headed by real estate industry which caters to all tastes and budgets.
One of the most successfully established and run Retirement  Home was set  up several years ago by Hemant Bahri, Managing  Director of Bahri Group, at Kodaikanal, aptly called ‘Anandam’ at the foothills of Kodaikanal, near Madurai. It is popularly known as Bahri Beautiful Country  which has compact vilas  for the owners with walkable access to wide range of facilities, such as health club, restaurant, swimming pool, where one can continue to enjoy other sporting activities like snooker, billiards, table and lawn tennis , spa, gym and even enjoy in the card room.   One can relax at the  coffee room and have a drink at the bar or quietly spend the day at the Library.  To support the community,  Apollo are the Health Care Partners.
Aamoksh One Eighty, the World’s third largest International Retirement Brand, with more than 30 years experience are managing Anandam.   No wonder  therefore, Anandam has been able to  receive Best Retirement Development Asia Pacific and India Awards in 2013-14 and 2014-15 besides other awards
Their success in Kodaikanal  has encouraged them to launch Anandam II  at Bengaluru just 40 minutes from Kempegowda International Airport, in Chikkaballapur.   Last week, Bahri Group held a road show at St Marks Hotel where it was well received and an overwhelming response. The writer attended the show and would be visiting Kodai for a short stay.
It is confirmed that construction work at Chikkaballapur site has already began due to this encouraging response.  Readers interested in booking a site or to get more details may contact phone 9003268686 or 9940064105. They can also contact Mr Nandakumar Nayar at 8754449993 (AGM – Sales & Marketing) or email him at [email protected]
Anandam is bound to bring happiness to retiring couple.
The writer Dr A K Ramdas is a         resident of Koramangala

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