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Residents celebrate Holi

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Nearly one hundred residents celebrated Holi puja which is also known as Holika Dahan (Holi fire) in K R Nanjappa Layout of Koramangala 8th Block in spirit of joy and brotherhood on Wednesday.
Holika Dahan represents the victory of good over bad. On that day, people light bonfire where model of Holika made of combustible material and Prahlad made of non-combustible material was made, offered prayers.
The model of Holika burnt in fire and Prahlad is considered to escape from fire. This shows “good” wins and “bad” is turned into ashes. After this, sweets and the milk were distributed to all those who had gathered.
Left over ashes were collected next morning. Then the festival of colours Holi began on Thursday with participation of people of all ages from the area who enjoyed playing with colous.
Holi celebration by the residents of Nanjappa Layout was actually started by Prakash Raval, one of the residents way back in the year 2007.
“I just felt like doing small holi fire in front of my home so we can fulfill our puja, wishes. First time we had just eight people. Me with my family of three and my neighbour’s family of five persons”, Prakash said.
“Then it got increased by some more friends and neighbours year by year as interested people came to know that we do Holi Fire here”, he said.
“This year we have had gathering from all religions and directions – North & South, East & West India side. Hindu, Muslim and Christian etc.” said Prakash Raval.

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