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Mosale – no crocodiles in this village!

Mosale Temple. front kempCouldn’t find any reason why this scenic natural beautiful village was called ‘Mosale’ meaning crocodile!
Mosale is 12 kms from Hassan and has two look-alike twin great looking temples, one a Shivaite and other a Vaishnavite. When facing the temple complex, facing left is the Shivate in the avatar of Nageshwara – the lord of snakes, in form of a Linga! Facing right is the Vaishnavite standing cult lord, Chennakeshva in all it’s glory.
This twin temple was built during the rein of Hoysala king Veera Ballala II in the year 1200 AD. A stone tablet inscribed in old Kannada dated 1577 lies in the temple premises by Belur chief Venkatadri Nayaka documents a lot of history.
This is aesthetically one of the best showcased temple art structure of Hoysalas! The outer temple walls, domnical roofs, pillared inner structures are covered with all Hindu God’s & Goddess – well sculpted. It’s an architect’s wonder, historians delight and a photographers edifice. The natural Sun light plays magic every hour of the day!
Tourists visiting Belur, Halebedu, Shravanabelgola and other places around the Hassan sector can combine this beautiful temple in their travel plans. Having your vehicle would be an advantage or one could hire local taxis or autos. Bus services to Mosale is scanty.
Hassan is roughly a 3 hour road journey from Bangalore and is well connected by toll paying highway. Buses & trains are well connected too. Making Hassan a base to stay is recommended if you would like to make it a overnight travel destination. Chickmagalur an hours drive from Hassan is a lovely hillstation.
Mosale is a beautiful small village never to be missed. It takes roughly 2 hours of your time on your detour. It’s a Government of India’s protected property and taken well care of.
. -Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh
Text & Photography
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