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As an initiative towards clean city drive, Ejipura New Extension Residents’ Association in coordination with BBMP, swing into action for the first time by kick starting the waste segregation movement in Ejipura ward 148. Sanarthanam – an NGO group involved in this movement extended their helping hand with ENERA.
Thursday, noon these three groups lead by ENERA office bearers Ravindra Kumar, President; Gopal P N, General Secretary; M D’Souza, Vice-President; John Felix, Jt Secretary; Krishna Kumar,Treasurer; From BBMP, Yogish, Assistant Executive Engineer; Chandrashekar, J.E, Srikanth and Basavaraj of Samarthanam group; Ward Corporator T Ramachandra and Garbage Contractor Venkatesh assembled at Ashanilaya with an agenda to chalk out plan of action for cleaning drive and to kick start segregation of waste at source in Ejipura.
The main theme of the meeting was, how best the BBMP’s ambitious programme ‘Segregation of waste at source “could be systematically implemented at their neighbourhood. ENERA Swachamithras A P Thever, M Shankarappa, Prathap Singh, Ganesh Bekal, E P Chandran, Devid Alphonse, Erappa and other local activists attended with their valuable suggestions.
Ravindra Kumar, President, ENERA presided over the meeting and elaborated the issues to be tackled. In his inaugural address, he briefed about proposals ENERA liked to push forward with the best interest of general public and local residents in particular so as to get cooperation and best result during door-to-door collection of segregated waste as wet, dry and sanitary waste.”
Samarthanam an NGO group funded by ITC working in this direction will support this cause and will actively involve in this movement with a view to make Bengaluru environment friendly. ENERA is the only RWA in Ejipura neighbourhood so far deputed fourteen Suchimithra volunteers with duly authorised and issued identity card from BBMP for monitoring cleaning drive, irregular dumping of garbage, debris, building materials, street sweeping etc.
Last year itself we have started awareness programme for high School students ofEjipura. Everest High School student were the first one to participate.Naveena Kamath, Enjoinment Activist resident of Koramangala sixth blockdelivered effective lecture and demo. “Let us strive towards the BBMP agenda on clean environmental friendly city” he added.
Shankarappa, Alexader, Prathap Singh, MaurisD’sousa,Gopal P.N, Megaraj and other activists shared their view for the effective implementation of the proposals. Many members insisted to strictly monitor the timings of door to door garbage collection. Venkatesh, Garbage Contractor in his reply narrated about the problems encountered by the paurakarmikas. BBMP itself had its own problems while tackling garbage issues. Now if residents cooperate we have no problem to keep our ward clean. “We need your support and cooperation from active RWA like yours” Venkatesh said.
Samarthanam representatives Srikanth and Basavaraj briefed about their activities towards clean city initiative.”Samarthanam is an NGO funded by ITC is working with a team of eighty members exclusively in the field of environment friendly clean city concept. Wherever we undertake responsibility,we will work out our own plan of action.
We will survey the entire area and chalk out plane of action along with this Association.Once we adopt an area,will stay there till our project completes. It is our pleasure to work with ENERA .We will visit each and every house of Ejipura and distribute informative sheets, educate the residents and try to get positive result from all sections of people residing in Ejipura,” said both Srikanth and Basavaraj.
Both, Yogesh, AEE and Chandrasheker, JE stressed on creating awareness among residents as regards segregation of waste at source. Pourakarmikas will collect domestic waste upto ten kgs only from all residential places.Apartment owners and commercial establishments have to make their own arrangements for disposal of their waste.
“Once everything streamlined, we will start imposing penalty on violators,” Yogish said. Chandrashekar, JE assured to provide bags, waste bines for wet and dry for a reasonable cost for the convenience of residents.
The meeting concluded by adopting plan of action with a view to create awareness, educate, involve all residents, students and voluntary organisation in this clean city drive. T Ramachandra, ward Corporator assured his full support to the Residents’ Association in their endurances towards community.
Gopal P N, General Secretary delivered the vote of thanks.

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