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Mestripalya Lake regaining the lost glory

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Mestripalya Lake is slowly recovering its past glory. Until two years ago, small dwellings and stray pigs that roamed the lake bed at large had found their haven.
This abandoned lake was at the threshold of becoming a dump yard and a target for land grabbers. However, thanks to the efforts of a few zealous and enthusiastic residents from Koramangala, the lake was back in the hands of Bangalore Development Authority (BDA).
BDA started the lake restoration project nearly two years ago and has finally completed its share of responsibility,  and will be transferring the next phase of work to the BBMP for maintenance and other ornamental work like fencing, tree park development etc.
The Chief Minister is planning to visit the lake, later this week. When this reporter visited the lake today, BDA workers were giving the final touches to the lake.
Ajay Reddy, Coordinator of the Mestripalya Lake Citizens Committee expressed his concern about some pending works. “The  water drains from the 3rd block area are supposed to feed the inlet channels into the lake, but these are neither interlinked nor connected to the inlet channels as yet” says Reddy and he stressed that BBMP should take up this work with an urgency before the monsoons are done.

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