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Kalavanta: Youth Music Festival from May 24

city kemp Jayanth J A city kemp Tejas Mallela city kempAs most of you are aware, Nadasurabhi and nine other leading music sabhas of Bangalore (The Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira, BTM Cultural Academy, Ananya GML Cultural Academy, Sree Guruvayurappan Bhajan Samaj Trust, Bharatiya Samagana Sabha, M A Narasimhachar Music Foundation, Vishesha Fine Arts, and Ranjani Fine Arts) have come together and formed the Karnataka Fine Arts Council (KFAC). For the second year in succession, KFAC is bringing a 14 concert series of young carnatic artists from the 24th to 31st May 2015.
It will be a grand 8 Day Karnatak Music Youth Festival. The best artists are selected by a panel of experts and awarded the Title of “Kalvanta” along with cash prizes.
The music festival inauguration will be done by Justice Aravind Kumar (Sitting Judge, Karnataka High Court).
For the second year in succession, this festival features the best of talent from different parts of India in a 14 concert series which will culminate in awarding the title “Kalavanta 2015” to the best performing artiste.
The venue is Gayana Samaja, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Concert- 1: (5 to 6.30 pm) ; Concert-2 : (6.45 to 8.15 pm)
Venue: The Bangalore Gayana Samaja
24th May, 2015
Concert 1: Madhu Kashap (Vocal) – Karnataka; Achuta Rao (Violin) – Karnataka; Vinodh Shyam (Mridangam) – Karnataka
Concert 2: Brinda Manickvachaakam (Vocal) – Tamil Nadu; Chidambaram Badrinath (Violin) – Tamil Nadu; L Subramanyam (Mridangam) – Tamil Nadu
25th May, 2015
Mahathi SK (Vocal) – Kerala ; Gokul (Violin) – Kerala; Charudutt (Mridangam) – Kerala
Sunil Gargeyan (Vocal) – Tamil Nadu ; Dilip KJ (Violin) – Tamil Nadu ; Akshay Ram (Mridangam) – Tamil Nadu
26h May, 2015
Anirudh Venkatesh (Vocal) – USA ; Shreya Devnath (Violin) – Tamil Nadu; Akshay Anand (Mridanga) – Karnataka
Tejas Mallela (Violin Solo) – Andra Pradesh; Adamya Ramanand (Mridanga) – Karnataka; Sunad Anoor (Kanjari) – Karnataka
27th May, 2015
Vani Ramamurthy (Vocal) – Tamil Nadu ; Sriram Sridhar (Violin) – Tamil Nadu; Rohit Prasad (Mridanga) – Mumbai
Jayanth J A (Flute) – Tamil Nadu; M Vijay (Violin) – Tamil Nadu; Tanjore K Praveenkumar (Mridanga) – Tamil Nadu; R Karthik (Kanjari) – Karnataka
28th May, 2015
Thanmayee Krishnamurthy (Vocal) – Karnataka; Mysore Sangeetha (Violin) – Karnataka; Anirudh Bhat (Mridanga) – Karnataka
Vasudha Ravi (Vocal) – Tamil Nadu ; Shradha Ravindran (Violin) – Tamil Nadu ; KH Vineet (Mridanga) – Tamil Nadu
29th May, 2015
Ananya Ashok (Vocal) – Tamil Nadu; Sandeep Ramachandran (Violin) – Tamil Nadu ; Deepika Srinivasan (Mridanga) – Karnataka
Narayana Sharma (Violin Solo) – Karnataka; Chetan Murthy (Mridanga) – Karnataka ; Chidananda (Morching) – Karnataka
30th May, 2015
Anahitha Ravidran and Apoorva Ravindran (Vocal Duet) – Tamil Nadu ; Anirudh Bharadwaj (Violin) – Karnataka ; BS Prashanth (Mridanga) – Karnataka
Vignesh Ishwar (Vocal) – Mumbai ; Sudha RS Iyer (Violin) – Tamil Nadu ; Madurai B Sundar (Mridanga) – Tamil Nadu
On  31st May, 2015 at 10 am – there is a grand violin duet concert by chief guests Vidwan Mysore M Nagaraj and Vidwan Mysore Dr M Manjunath. Mridanga by Vidwan Arjun Kumar and Ghata by Vidwan Giridhar Udupa

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