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A thrilling trek to Ramadevara Betta

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city kemp IMG-20150329-WA0004 city kemp IMG-20150329-WA0008 city kempAhead of Sri Rama Navami, a group of sports loving enthusiastic residents headed by Sports Committee Chairman of the Koramangala Club B G Kapanipathi went on a trek to Ramadevara Betta near Ramanagar on March 28. There the team also took part in adventure sports like Rappelling, Zip-lining, archery and Air rifle shooting.
All the participants enjoyed the weekend trek with blessings of god Rama and experienced adventure sports.
Ramanagar is one of the most popular trekking spots around Bengaluru. Strewn with rocks and boulders, it has a rugged terrain that is ideal for trekking. The entire landscape is filled with rugged hills and valleys. The popularity of the area grew considerably as people from all around discovered the majestic beauty of this location. It is one of the best corporate team outing locations and an extremely popular adventure spot near Bengaluru. Also it is home to some highly endangered species of birds such as the Long Billed Vulture and Yellow Throated Bulbul.
When talking about the best trekking locations around Bengaluru, it is impossible not to consider Ramanagar. The highest elevation is over 3,000 feet and the treks here are of moderate difficulties. However, there are also some pretty tricky trek routes that would require you to be quite good at rock climbing to succeed.
The Ramadevara Betta (hill) is one of the most popular places for trekking. The amazing view of the surrounding areas from the peak of these hills is a sight to behold.
The next trek is planned on April 18 to Handhi Gondhi betta near Ramanagar. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate taking about 3 hours during the day.

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