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Paper appealing to all

kapswebMy heart felt congratulations to City Kemp, happy anniversary for completing infant 1 year. With colourful photos and articles of hi-tech IT Koramangala news. Special wishes to akshayadeva & his team – a silent and humble dedicated person covering all events, awareness, cultural changes developments in Koramangala.
I wish you all only the best
You are the greatest City Kemp weekly in Koramangala,
Koramangala east or west
You educate and inform
What a wonderful service you do perform
You’ve been in print since 2014
Covering everything from culture and health to politics
A paper appealing to every generation
An exceptionally wonderful publication
To all of you at the times,
I send a giant kudos
With your help the senior community continues to learn and grow
-Kapanipathi B G,
Sports Chairman, The Koramangala Club

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