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A memorable concert


Nadasurabhi presents a brilliant concert as a year-end treat.
Vidwan G Ravikiran, a disciple of the doyen of carnatic music Dr R K Srikantan and young maestro TM Krishna, presented a memorable delightful concert on December 21 for Nadasurabhi in Koramangala at the Indian Heritage Academy hall. As one of the leading young artistes of today, Ravikiran integrated pure traditional music with youthful exuberance.
Commencing his concert with the popular Atana Thyagaraja kriti, opening with anupallavi Balakanakamaya, Ravikiran embellished the song with brisk swaras to give an energetic start to the proceedings. After a rare Rupavathi raga kriti of Dikshitar, Sri Krishnam Bhajare, the artist plunged into a detailed sub-main piece in Kalyani with a highly emotive Talli ninnu nera, a composition of Syama Sastri. After two other numbers, a fast paced Marugelara livened up the concert. The majestic Sri Subrahmanyaya Namaste in Kambodhi, a magnum opus of Dikshitar, was taken up as the main song for the evening. Elaborate neraval at Vasavaadi stole the show. There was then a lovely dual play of mridangam and ghatam by Tumkur Ravishankar and Omkar Rao, in the thani avarthanam.
Post thani was a ragamalika virutham and thukkadas in Kurunji and Sindhubhairavi. Violin support by Mathur Srinidhi was consistently high quality.
Overall a very enjoyable concert which was well attended and appreciated by the audience.

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