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VIBRANT DISPLAY OF ACROBATIC SKILLS by students of Magnifique English School

DSC_0026web DSC_0076web DSC_0272webIt was a colourful and energetic performance by the students of Magnifique English School in Bangalore South, during the recently held annual sports meet in their campus.
The event started after the dignitaries lit the clay cauldron with a flaming torch. The audience were a witness to many acrobatic skills displayed by the school students. Formation of Pyramids, Fire breathing, display of Karate skills that included breaking of Clay tiles from their foreheads. Spectacular mast past and exercises with colourful costumes mesmerized the audience. The students also performed with lezimes, hoops and jingles, and entertained the audience with a host of events.
Author, Environmentalist and Founder Secretary of Magnifique Group of Educational institutions US Moinuddin said in his speech, “When students play sports they learn team work. They also learn to overcome shyness, develop confidence and leadership skills. I believe that, paper marks alone do not make students successful. Along with the syllabus of the schools, if students are encouraged to learn life skills that include developing healthy relationships with people, goal setting, effective communication skills and their ability to convert their productive ideas into action, they can become successful in their lives.”
The chief guest for the event, Prabhakar Rao CM popularly known as GoGreen Rao said in his speech, “Life is not just about marks or grades or standing first or second in the class, which is of course very important in many respects, but most important finally is about developing a confident and a truthful personality. You must, learn to differentiate between the good and the bad, you must also learn to care for others, be compassionate and try and contribute in your own way to the society in whatever field you choose to excel in.”
The guest of Honour, B R Gopinath, the secretary of KV Subbanna Aptha Rangamandira a popular auditorium and cultural centre, said in his speech, “For the overall growth of a child, exposure to sports and cultural activities are very important. I am very happy to see that the authorities of Magnifique English School have been very encouraging to the students in these regards.” Medals and trophies were distributed to the students and also to the winners of the specially held parents’ sports.

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