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Hermle launches its range of clocks

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Iconic German clock-maker Hermle launched its products in India targeted at a niche market.
The company’s brand of table clocks, mantle pieces, wall clocks, grandfather clocks and Tellurium evoke nostalgia of inheritance even as it aims to capture attention from a small but growing interest of upwardly mobile professionals.
Jens Quaeck, International Sales Director for Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH & Co KG, Frankfurt, launched the clocks in India which he says is an evolving market for luxury goods. Hermle will distribute the range here along Sklarkk Trading Co.
In this digital age, Hermle, means precision German engineering and all the clocks are hand-crafted. “The clocks and clock movements are our main business and we are excited to be in India. We expect good numbers here as there is a renewed interest in clocks of all kinds. It is not just as a gift, but also to adorn living rooms, office spaces and gives meaning to blank walls,” says Quaeck, who is incidentally a third generation family member.
The 96-year-old company was started by his grandfather Franz Hermle.
“Each of these pieces start with a price range of Rs 20,000 and go on to about Rs 2 lakh apiece. There are some clocks such as the Tellurium which can go upto Rs 20 lakh depending on its size and what adorns it,” says Sanjay B. Hasija from Skylarkk Trading Co, a Bengaluru-based company.
Quaeck says the durability and quality of German engineering lasts for generations. “Though the world has moved on to the digital age, at Hermle, innovation has been the key and a constant process.”
Hermle will soon be available at very few retailers across India and the company’s main focus would be to work with architects, interior designers and the luxury goods industry. It wants to position the product range as an aspirational one for modern day connoisseurs for whom taste is well defined.

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