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City gets a decentralized Leaf & Garden Waste Processing Centre

This period of summer is time when many trees start shedding leaves, and roads are littered with leaves. Burning dry leaf and garden waste is often commonly found in city neighbourhoods causing air pollution and ill-health. Several research studies in the past have indicated that garbage burning is one of the major cause for air pollution in Indian cities. Burning of garden waste has been banned by pollution control board and BBMP. But green leaves are often burnt due to lack of efficient waste management methods. Even though BBMP has been encouraging decentralized leaf/garden waste processing at respective wards, the idea to set up dedicated waste processing centres has not been a reality thus allowing burning of leaf and garden wastes.

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Processing Centre inaugurated at Domlur Ward 112
The neighbourhood of Domlur wards has been witnessing similar situation, identifying this problem and committed to provide a solution, Sasken Foundation, B.PAC joined hands to set up a decentralized Leaf and Garden Waste Processing Centre with an objective to process the leaf and garden waste from Sharadamma Layout, Amarjyoti Layout East, and Domlur Layout.
On Wednesday the processing centre was inaugurated and made operational. The inaugural program was attended by C R Lakshminaraya, Corporator, Domlur (ward #112), Rajiv Mody, Chairman & CEO, Sasken Technologies and Revathy Ashok, Hon Managing Trustee & CEO, B.PAC. The program was attended by BBMP officials and members of Domlur Layout Resident welfare Association.
Speaking during the inaugural program, Ms Revathy Ashok, CEO, B.PAC Said “This project was envisioned to support BBMP’s efforts of setup decentralized leaf and garden processing and to reduce the air pollution caused by burning leaf and garden waste.I firmly believe that it is essential for corporates and citizens to come together and work towards green initiatives. It is also important that such initiatives are sustained over a long time and I am happy to note Sasken’s and Rajiv Mody’s commitment in ensuring the same.”
Rajiv C Mody, Chairman, MD & CEO, Sasken Technologies Limited, said, “As an organization, Sasken has always been very conscientious. One of the core values that drive us at Sasken is the constant need to give back to society. We embarked upon this initiative, with support from BPAC and BBMP, to better the living conditions of people in the locality. I am happy that the processing center came up in such a short time. We are committed to supporting this project with the management of the center’s daily operations.”
CR Lakshminarayan, Corporator, Domlur Ward, said, “I am quite proud that my Domlur ward was chosen for the launch of this initiative by Sasken and B.PAC. Leaf and Garden Waste processing is essential as this ward generates a lot of leaf waste which ultimately piles on to garbage heaps or is burnt. Processing leaf and garden waste can reduce a lot of air pollution and space while the compost can be used to maintain gardens and nurseries in the ward. Since Sasken is taking completely responsibility for managing the daily operations of this setup, I am confident that the people of this ward will continue to reap the benefits for a long time.
NS Ramakanth, Co-Founder, Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bengaluru (SWMRT) said, “I am quite pleased to note that setting up the Garden Waste processing center gives importance and exposure to the need to reduce air pollution generated from burning leaf waste. This initiative is truly inspirational and can set an example for people to take up square-foot gardening.
If some more corporates follow suit and more such initiatives come to light, then we can truly have a greater chance at building a better Bengaluru. After all, our waste is our responsibility.”

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