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God’s Army Commander-in-Chief ! Karthikeya at Kukke Subramanya

Karthikeya, Murgan or add another 106 names totalling to 108… these names are attributed to our handsome ‘War Lord’ – Subramanya, the most powerful and prayed upon God of South India, especially Tamilnadu! His fame and fortune extends from almost the 1st century and artefacts from then are found to this day. He’s found place in Buddhism, as the Guardian of their temples, you can find temple door in Far Eastern Countries carved or sculpted with his image. He’s popular in Srilanka, Indonesia, Singapore and regions where Tamil speaking population resided or ruled.
He’s one of the son’s of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati! He was created to vanquish the Demon Tarakasura, whose death was destined by the son of Lord Shiva! The clever demon had taken this boon knowing that Lord Shiva being a tribal ascetic would never marry. Lord Shiva with his association with Goddess Parvati, his wife did create Subramanya! There are many places in Tamilnadu which are honoured temples of Lord Subramanya, popularly called Murugan.
Kukke in Karnataka is a small hamlet of a village in Sullia taluk of Dakshina Kannada District, 256 Kms from Bangalore or 106 Kms from Mangalore. It lies 12 Kms off the National Highway between this connecting road. This place is well connected by rail, buses and public transport is available in plenty. The nearest airport is Mangalore. The other important Hindu pilgrimage places are Dharmastala Temple of Lord Shiva and Sowthadka Temple of Lord Ganapathi. Of course Goddess Parvati is there too! It’s a Lord Shiva family pilgrimage abode within a few square kilometres. Dharmastala is about 70 Kms from Kukke Subramanya.
All Hindu pilgrims with Sarpa Dosha or skin ailments or unmarried girls or those looking for favours from the gods head to this place. . . Kukke Subramanya! One is requested to log on to or for all details about the temple and it’s various services and poojas done here. Online booking and payment is possible. Helpline numbers are listed. Procedures too are listed. There are a number of touts who mislead and cheat you, Beware! This Divine place is like a last and only resort for your ultimate Divine Intervention! The process of poojas, rituals are long and time consuming. One needs to stay at this place for two – three days! The temple has accomodation or one can stay at luxury hotels which have cropped up over here after the visit of legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar! Apparently he had sharpa dosha and prayed for it’s removal. The temple architecture is nice, one enters through the main gopura on West and turn around and enter the Main Diety temple which faces East! The Temple has idols of Lord Subramanya, Saint Vasuki who did his penance here and Naga Devata. It’s said at times one can see a snake on the diety, which is harmless. This place is devoid of any eagles, a boon granted to the snake lord – Naga Devata. . . But, on the Rathotsava Day or the Chariot Festival day one can see a one odd eagle hovering over the temple! Strange are these places of spiritual divinty!
Lord Karthikeya or Subramanya vanquished the Demon Tarakasura over here and washed his battle axe in the Kumudha River. Lord Indira gave his daughter, Devasena in marriage to Lord Subramanya after this victory. The Temple is on the bank of this beautiful river nestled deep in green forest with horizon hills forming a picturesque post card hamlet of a town. The temple is always crowded. Weekends and holidays see a lot of pilgrims. The Temple authorities have done their best to stream line their operations with current available technology. Follow the rules of the temple and have a good divine intervention. And, don’t miss the simple Temple Lunch, it touches your body and soul!
From Bangalore travel past Hassan, Sakleshpura and traversing towards Mangalore one has to get off the highway and travel 12 Kms deep in to the forest. All road signs are provided and you can’t miss this place of Divinity! Having your own transport is recommended. Drive Slow, Drive Safe. Start Early, Reach Safely! It’s 6 hour drive from Bangalore.

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