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Vijaynagar Kingdom’s – Rajguru Vyasarayaru’s Temple of Lord Hanuman

Rajguru Vyasarayaru (1447 – 1539) was a divine man of great knowledge and intelligence. He served 4 Vijayanagar Empire Kings as ‘Rajguru’. He was a celibate Philosopher, Dialectician, Polemicist, Poet and a propogater of the ‘Dvaita Vedanta’ philosophy. It is believed that he was born again as ‘Shri Raghavendra Swamy’, he built numerous temples in his lifetime under the patronage of Vijayanagar Kings, one of them happens to be the ‘Sri Sanjeeva Swamy Temple’ at ‘Devarahosalli’, between Ramanagar and Channapatna – closer to Kanava Dam or Kanava Kshetra as it was then known.
History has it that this Temple was built in the late 1500s! Vyasarayaru is believed to have built 732 Hanuman Temples in his lifetime, his desire was to build 1008! He also headed the Shri Balaji Temple at Tirumala – Tirupathi, during 1486 – 1498. Being a divine man of great intelligence, he never took advantage of his proximity to the royal lineage. He advised them perfectly, his predictions were always right! His opinion was valued by all.
To reach Devarahosalli please take SH-17, that’s basically Bengaluru – Mysore state highway. Once you cross 6 Kms from Ramnagar and reach Kengal Hanumanthappa Temple, there goes a narrow road to the right proceeding to Kanava Dam. Travel on that road for 4 Kms (ask around) taking left you will reach a small hamlet of a village called Devarahosalli. Right in the middle of the village, you will find Sri Sanjeeva Swamy Temple of Lord Hanuman. This Temple happens to be our family deity and as far as I can recall our generation of families have been worshiping here from the past 150 – 200 years. I make it a ritual to at least go here once a year with my family. The main deity is of a huge stone sculpted Lord Hanuman known here as Sri Sanjeeva Swamy, the healing lord. He shares the inner scantum with Lord Narasimha in his fiery form on the inner wall away from the view of the devote pilgrims. The temple priest at the end of the pooja displays Lord Narasimha”s visual through a reflection of the mirror. A direct view of this avatar is not recommended.
This temple is crowded on weekends, holidays and auspicious days. The main mangala arthi is around 12 noon. The temple priests and villagers are friendly. At the end of the pooja, a simple divine lunch awaits you. There are no shops or restaurants in this village. Civilization is on the state highway Bangalore – Mysore road. Lots of autos ferry passengers from Channapatna.
Lots of devotees throng this temple from Bangalore, Mysore and neighbouring areas support and patronage this 500 year old temple. Devotees visit this temple to seek happiness, removal of worries, removal of sins, propagation of future generations, good marriages, etc. A dip in the temple lake and going around the temple 108 times grants your wish! – it’s so believed! Temple festivals are during the month of July, called ‘ashada’.
So stop in here for a divine intervention and temple lunch next time you are traversing Bangalore – Mysore. This place is 61 Kms from Bangalore and about 10 Kms from Ramnagar or Channapatna. The temple priests can be reached on 08113-7254133 / 9341056133 to book for special poojas or request.
-Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh

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