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Water Waste Management Officials Inspect 6th Block

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On June 8, the Water Waste Management department V C Kumar, Additional Chief Engineer Ramesh, Assistant Engineer along with 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association President Jayaramu, Secretary Suresh N Gowda, M C Members Nagaraj K, Latha Ramesh and residents M K Bhat, Prathima Satish, Rajiv Ramane inspected the 80ft Peripheral Main road in this regard
Prathima Satish who stays on 6th G cross road raised the problem that on 17th A Main road opp to Manyavar Showroom where the manhole is overflowing from past 2 months due the blockage of Sub-mains. Hearing the grievance, V C Kumar directed to Asst Engineer Ramesh to use High Pressure Jetting Machine to clear the blockage as soon as possible.
The inspection which continued from Manyanvar Showroom near Sony World Signal to Namdhari Fresh on 80ft road to 17th G main road where new Manhole of sub-mains is constructed opp to BMTC depot on June 4. V C Kumar, Additional Chief Engineer instructed the contractor Nagaraj to connect the sewage line which comes from 17th G Main Road and once more clear all the silt of submains manholes from NGV Signal to Sony world Signal and make sure in future any blockages should not occur.
“So far total 12 Manholes have been traced out and 13th manhole is newly constructed while the 14th manhole is yet to be traced opp to Hotel Gangothri on 80ft main road which the 17th A main road lateral lines of sewage is to be connected for free flow of sewage”, said by Suresh N Gowda, Secretary of 6th Block RWA.

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