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Garuda Swamy Temple – Koladevi; The only kind !

Garuda Swamy. The Main Diety.1In a small non-descriptive village called Koladevi past Kolar before Mulbagal on the way to Srinivasapura is this simple … unassuming powerful temple of Garuda. Garuda is a mythical humanoid eagle, the vehicle or Vahana of one of the most powerful Hindu trimviate God, Lord Vishnu.
Garuda always had an inner desire to be like Lord Hanuman, the ardent servile devotee of Lord Rama. And in this modest simple upcoming 300 year old discovered shrine of Garuda, one finds a small shrine devoted to Lord Hanuman!
Taking Mahabharata, the epic tells us that the warrior prince, Arjuna in his passion of hunting burnt the forests by his swift arrows with friction causing fire killing a lot of snakes. He was advised to build a temple of Garuda as abulution and thus his ‘sarpa dosha’ was absolved! This was one Temple.
Taking on another epic of India, the Ramayana. Jayatau – the epic eagle confronted, Ravana to foil the kidnapping of Sita, Lord Rama’s wife and died at this spot with both his wings chopped off. It is said in reverance Lord Rama built a temple honouring the sacrifice of Jayatau – a Garuda Temple.
Lord Vishnu was pleased by Garuda’s sacrifice blessed him equating him to Hanuman. Garuda was still unhappy as his temple had no powers when devotees would pray for him. To negate this, Lord Vishnu and Goddesses Lakshmi placed themselves on Garuda’s shoulders making it the most powerful Temple! Here if you notice, Goddess Lakshmi is seated higher than Lord Vishu. They occupy places on either shoulders of Garuda. It is believed that this combination and formation to view and pray is most powerful and a blessed one. Devotees throng to this temple to fulfill their wows and wishes. It’s good to have a divine intervention and be blessed. Weekends and holidays are crowded. Weekdays are good time to go. Public transport to this place is erratic. Better to have your own vehicle. It is also believed that this may be a Hoysala Temple. Some say that Brought Maharishi established this Temple. Like I say Faith moves a man, the more distressed the more faith. A happy soul at last is a blessed soul.
The head priest Srinivas, a school teacher has got some divine power and helps devotees with his predictions. This selfless man consoles and guides the disturbed souls in their quest for peace, joy and happiness. They come to him in good faith and are happy. His intention is to slowly build this modest Temple to a more divine one… But he’s a man in no hurry and willing to wait for the right time. This Temple can be combined with a day trip covering the temple’s of Kolar. Please note, no Photography at this Temple!
Traversing on the Old Madras Road, bypassing Kolar, just 500 mtrs short of Mulbagal Toll Post, one takes a left and head to Koladevi, the village, ask around the local folks or Google Maps, you will reach this place. A good day trip for troubled souls needing divine intervention in their life.
Note: carry cash, water and your picnic basket. Restaurants are highway hotels – plenty of them. This place is roughly a two hour drive from Bangalore. More next week. Happy summer time trekking and travel with family and friends.
-Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh

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