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Koramangala 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association; Educative Solar Power workshop


Dr A K Ramdas

Under the aegis of the Koramangala 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association, Ecosoch of Sahakar Nagar Bengaluru, conducted a Workshop on Solar Power, in the Association’s office in BBMP Park. Both Santosh and Gopi Krishna of Ecosoch presented an educative and informative introduction to the abundant supply of solar energy to overcome power shortages in the city.
The response to the Workshop, attracted the of attention of not only 6th Block Residents, but a number of keen readers of City Kemp, who had read the articles that appeared in our neighbourhood journal, turned up for this meet.
An introduction was made to the eager audience, many of whom are also enthusiastic terrace gardners, to hear what the Ecosoch Team of Santosh and Gopi Krishna had to say on tapping Solar energy, to overcome the difficulties faced by the public in considering a switch over to tap Solar power.
It was clear from the very detailed presentation made by these two youngmen that Ecosoch specialised in end-end Solar roof top turnkey design and installation to set up the solar power plant. They explained how Ecosoch had successfully completed more than 50 projects, including residential buildings. In a power point presentation it was clear that Ecosoch has many “firsts” to its credit, like Super Hybrid solar roof top system in Karnataka net-metering scheme. They had helped in setting up first solar powered classroom on wheels for an NGO to bring about vocational training in rural India!
Santosh gave a detailed account of the wattage consumption of various household equipment in common use and the steps one should take to assess the monthly units of power used at home from Bescom bills. A revision in present tariff by Bescom has been proposed and yet an investment in solar equipment to tap the perennial supply of sun energy can still sec ure a safe return on investment in about nine years. However, it was pointed out by both Santosh and Gopi Krishna that it would be necessary to visit the roof top site to mak suitable turnkey offer because tall buildings, towers, parapet walls, neighbourhood trees etc may cast a shadow on the PV Panels which affect the solar energy tapped. A visit to assess the potential is imperative to get an idea of optimum energy that can be tapped.
Jayaramu, President of the Association, pointed out that, in the case of Kormangala Club, they had recently chosen to switch over to Solar Power and this has resulted in a huge savings, besides a positive contribution to the improvement in the environment. He encouraged the attendees to look at this issue of Solar energy seriously
Gopi Krishna had also taken great pains to explain the various roof top contracts executed successfully including the one in which Ecosoch had taken active part from conception to completion of the residential building.
Closing, Dr Ramdas expressed his grateful thanks for the support received from all concerned, particularly Ms Neeraja Shetty, Suresh Gowda, Secretary of 6th Block RWA and the Ecosoch Team of Gopi Krishna and Santosh.

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