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6th Block RWA clarifies on commercialisation issue

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In the interests of all concerned, both denizens and private establishments, this clarification is being issued by the 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association.
There is a misconception that Koramangala 6th Block RWA is responsible for BBMP authorities to take serious action against commercial establishments, particularly in residential areas in the 6th Block.
It must be noted that BBMP has been taking active steps to eradicate the mushroom growth of commercial establishments, a large number of which, it is reported in the press, have not even obtained the basic trade licence to conduct business and the establishments have come up in the roads having 30ft or less.
In the 6th Block, for instance, there has been a tremendous growth in paying guest accommodation, resulting in the increase in population growth and consequently the burden of resultant support services.
As in the past, BBMP has taken this step to regularize and control the unauthorized growth of commercial establishments in purely assigned residential areas. They have taken legal steps to control and close down such establishments wherever it has become a strain on the day-to-day activities of the residents in the area.
In taking this strong step, BBMP has not made any exemptions, such as educational institutions, and they also have been given due notice where trade licences have not been obtained in the prescribed manner. This stringent drive has been effective from January this year.
It may be noted that where the commercial enterprises have obtained the requisite licence but have flouted other rules and regulations, the authorities took not only serious note about violators, such in the case of use of banned plastic bags, heavy fines were imposed to eradicate such ‘illegal’ activities.
So, those of the commercial establishments who have received such notice from BBMP have themselves to blame and not any Association for that matter. As a matter of fact, BBMP may, in the very near future, take steps to penalize the house owners for not taking the basic precaution of verifying whether or not the prospective tenant (commercial establishment) has received the relevant licence from appropriate authorities.
This notification is being issued for public knowledge and in the interests of the society at large.

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