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Ugadi Gift to Residents; Roads to have aesthetic look; Koramangala begins installing LED Streetlights

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On Ugadi Day Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy along with Koramangala Ward 151 Corporator M Chandrappa, nominated Councillor Ashok Reddy and representatives from various RWAs in Koramangala initiated the Pooja Programme to Provide LED Streetlight Fittings, Automated Timers & ABC Cables coverings important roads of all Blocks in Koramangala Ward under BBMP grants. Mallanna Mylar, AEE BBMP South (Electricals) and others were present.
The IT sub-urb has begun replacing existing high-pressure sodium streetlights with LED bulbs. The new fixtures use roughly 60 percent less electricity and will cost less per year to operate.
The streetlights often you see switched on during daytime before sunset or not switched on when it is dark during evenings according to the seasons. Here is a solution where the AEE Mallanna Mylar has deviced a new automated timers that work on photosensitivity and presence of infra radiation. The present timers you see work on clock based settings. Once these new timers are installed streetlights get switched on as soon as the sun goes down and it is dark/ poor light, and gets switched off automatically when the sun rises or there is enough sunlight at dawn.
Once the LED streetlights are installed and ABC cables are laid, the roads of Koramangala will has an aesthetic look since all importatnt main roads of Koramangala are covered under this project.
Also the roadside trees would have a breather as they need not be pruned by BESCOM. Very soon, all footpaths will get a new look besides the roads a coat of tar, said Corporator Chandrappa.
Soon after the programme, 6th Block RWA President Jayaramu who is also Koramangala Club President said that the club which recently installed solar and LED lights, has saved at least one lakh a month on electricity bill. It will good initiative if everyone does in a similar way, he said.
Already work on installing LED streetlights has begun in Koramangala Village of 8th Block where Corporator M Chandrappa is monitoring the process of installation.

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