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The other Tirupathi closer to home – ‘Chikka Tirupathi’!

Chikka Tirupathi. Main Entrance of the temple.Forty kilometres away from Bangalore closer home is a ‘Prasanna Venkataswamy Temple’ with his consort ‘Alumelamma’ for people who can’t undertake the pilgrimage to the abode of Tirumala – Tirupathi Sri Venkateshwara hills.
It is also believed that once you visit Tirupati, one also has to visit this small Temple, Chikka Tirupathi on the way. Simple, it’s blessing from the Lord Vishnu. The idol at Tirumala has the hands pointing to the ground – ‘Vaikunta Hasta’ and the idol at Chikka Tirupathi has the hands facing upwards – ‘Abhayahastha’, hands facing upwards as a blessing. This is considered auspicious. . . hence Lord Vishnu here is called – ‘Prasanna Venkataswamy’.
The divine idol is sculpted out of a black rock known as ‘Krishna Shila’. It’s just three and a half feet in height placed on a lotus podium unlike the mammoth idol at Tirumala. Here it goes by the saying . . . “even though the moorthy is small, it’s fame is great!”. Goddess Lakshmi takes the form of ‘Alumeluamma’ here. Sridevi and Bhudevi flank the Lord Vishnu Idol here. All idols are inside one big temple.
There’s a courtyard which runs around the main temple shrine. The entrance main tower or gopura is majestic. The architecture is Dravidian and this temple was supposed to be built during the Cholas reign. There is an inscription on the stone wall of the temple documenting the visit of the Chola King, Janmajaya’s to the temple in the 11th century. From the 2 & 3rd centuries, Kolar the entrance to South India was ruled by Gangas, Pallavas, Cholas, Hoysalas, Hyderalis, Tippu, Wodyers and later the British. . . leading on to independent free India.
The Chikka Tirupathi Temple opens early in the morning and 4 poojas take place each day in three steps. The preists recite the Vedas during the rituals. There are also daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly poojas too. Safe timings to a open temple are 8 to 10 am and 5 to 7pm.
The average annual collection of the temple here crosses one crore rupees. Vaikunta Ekadasi is the most auspicious day here. There are four important celebration events here – Rathotsava, Pushpalakki, Ashnavahoma and Rathhasatapmi. Bhramotsava and Shravana Sanavara also sees divine celebration rituals here.The temple chariot festival is unique, each year a new 70 feet wooden chariot is built and Lord Vishnu is paraded. This is similar only to another temple in India – that’s the Jagganath Temple at Puri in Orissa.
Kolar has two Tirupathis in it’s District, one is Chikka Tirupathi at Masti, closer to Malur and other beyond Kolar town on a hillock where one pays reverance to Lord Vishnu through a 16 holed window.
Chikka Tirupathi is 40 kms from Bangalore. One has to go past ITPB and reach Hope Farm traffic lights junction and continue straight towards Chandapura. There are a few sign boards and the picturesque winding non paying toll road dotting Schools, Villas, Apartments, Factories leads you straight to Chikka Tirupathi. In doubt ask passers-by, simpletons. Going early is advisible. You meet a lot of weekend cyclists on these roads. Carry snacks, cash and water – a picnic hamper. From Chikka Tirupathi one can travel towards Kolar which is 29 kms, or Malur which is 15 kms or head back towards Sarjapur village which is 12 kms. Local transport is erratic, it’s better to have your own transport – 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers! Monkey menace at the temple premises, Beware of yourself and your belongings.They are always hungry!
This Circuit can accommodate other sightseeing places around Kolar, they are mostly temples or trekking venues. The toll-paying highways are good for the weekend hi end car drives and bike riders. The inner picturesque roads are good for cycling enthusiasts. The hills around and water spots good for hikers and trekkers. All decent eating joints and coffee shops are on the Bangalore – Kolar highway which leads to Tirupathi and Chennai, called the – ‘Old Madras Road’. Here’s on to one more one-day travel picnic divine destination. Many more to come, each weekend to many more!
-Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh

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