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Shree Veena Institute of Music celebrates annual day

_MG_0126Shree Veena Institute of Music celebrated its annual day last Saturday, where next-gen maestros performed on Tabla charming every person in the auditorium. Music got connected with divinity when the students created a magical expression intertwined with a rich eternal classical serenity. Young maestros presented cultivated patronage of rhythms emphasizing melody and harmony.
Shrikant.G.Devipur, a legendary Tabla artist and founder of the institution said “such programs will help one to appreciate the rhythmic soul of India and intricacy of Indian time, as music is interwoven with life and playing an instrument is part of our culture”. He congratulated all the students for displaying artistic virtuosity.
Celebrated Tabla artist Shrikant. G. devipur has given the new dimension to the art of Tabla playing. He is the recipient of prestigious “Swara Kala Gaurav” puraskar 2009 and alankar degree in 1997. He is coaching students in National Public School, Koramangala and Rajajinagar.
Last Saturday as a part of the annual day celebration, young artists : Agasthya, shubhakrutu, Sripadraj, Mayukh, Abhay, Aditya, Lohit, Mihir, Dhruv, Vignesh, Pranav, Milind, Madhav, Pranav, Tanush, Tishya and Vinayaka performed Tabla solo. A rich musical atmosphere with varied compositions and playing techniques entertained audience to the core serenity.
Renowned Hindustani classical vocalist Shruti Bhat rendered aesthetic pieces of classical compositions in raag Purvi-Kalyan and Kalavati. The atmosphere of mystical devotion filled the hearts of the audience with the deepest joy. Versatile harmonium artist Narasimha Kulkarni accompanied the guest artists on stage.
Carnatic vocalist and the chief guest of the program Arun Gangadhar Achanta presented a Kabir Bhajan and spoke about the music as a reverential study of our culture. He congratulated all the talented young artists for their mesmerizing performance. All the participants were awarded with momentos.

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