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Save Bellandur Lake

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As many people are not aware that huge amount of garbage dumped in SWD passing through Koramanagala leads directly into Bellandur lake. Which is leading to huge Ecological Disaster. If unchecked we are doing irreparable damage.
Hundreds of Tons of Garbage is being dumped every day into the SWD which leads to Bellandur lake. BBMP and government should act on priority and save the Eco system for future Generation.
The Residents of S.T. Bed Koramangala are reeling under the threat of epidemic.
This is on account of dumping of tons waste in to SWD, by commercial establishments, fish and meat stores, way side eateries etc. some even allege some garbage vans too dump wastes in to SWD.
The BBMP officials are aware of this menace, but they are silent on this issue.
Stench from the drain is unbearable, house flies and other insects swarming the area, says Jayasimha, resident of ST Bed.
Ananthram, ex-vice president of RWA, this is the third time this year we are in to calamity, This is inspite of RWA’s approach to stem this menace. He further says this is on account of action of some vested interest involved in garbage management, people are wondered about huge dumping of wastes, which was rare till now.
The BBMP should wake up and act against offenders. And take preventive measures to save SWD. And also the Bellandur lake.

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