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Water Logging in 4th Block Koramangala

2ckOn 6-May-2016 night, on account of heavy rain in the city, the storm water main drain overflowed and dirty and slushy water entered the roads, houses, water sumps of 5th Cross, 4th Cross and other adjacent areas of 4th Block and caused havoc to the residents of the area.
The dirty water was stagnated for about 2 to 3 hours and the residents were constrained to stay away till the water subsided. This fact was brought to the notice of the Minister Ramalinga Reddy. Corporator M Chandrappa, has also visited the area along with BBMP engineers together with the association members.
Subsequently, the association members have visited the main storm water drain and found that the excavated muck has been dumped all along at the centre of the drain by the contractor, wihch has obstructed easy flow of storm water resulting in reverse flow of water and flooding of the entire area.
In fact, the association members had met the Chief Engineer, Storm Water Drain department, during 1st week of Feb 2016 and appraised the urgency in carrying out the work before the onset of monsoon.

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